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Temp cover for a new collection

As I am working on putting out all my Echoes of Elder Times stories into one book, I decided I needed to work on a cover.  Now this is not quite right but I thought why not show you folks what it will look like.



Working under a pen name

As a writer of fiction of all kinds I decided that when I put out my true life stories that I would not put them under my current author (married) name. It is not that I am ashamed of the nonfiction tales i will be putting out but that I don’t want things that are a dark part of my soul to be mixed with the children of my mind and heart that is my fiction.

Over the weekend I posted up my first memoir/letter under my pen name. It is not something I expect to sell but it was something I needed to put out there to the ether. Over the next few months I plan on doing a series of letters titled of course as Letters to the Dead. These are very personal things that I yet to decide if I will put up on Amazon. The first, Goodby, Daddy is the letter I wrote the night of my biological father’s death. It was something I needed to do and as I put it up I realized that I have a number of these letters in my head. There have been a lot of people who have passed from my life. Some of them were friends, some co-workers and some were family. Some of them saddened me greatly but others left a dull place that I feel I need to explore. If these letters touch others who have been stuck in their grieving process then I am content.

This is the only time i will let people know of the upcoming letters. They will be under the pen name LA Mason, which is my birth name.  I will be using a different pen name when I start up my children’s books. Thankfully as a self published author I can do this and not worry.

Here is the stark and simple cover I made for this letter.


Working on a cover for a collection

Now anyone who reads my stuff knows I have a lot of Death Walks Through tales. Well with fifteen completed tales gathered together I think I have a nice little book for the readers. At 42.5K it is short of a novel in length but 23 are talking over 100 pages of short stories with Death as a character. My take on the ghost story is of course different than the usual and I think I can reach more readers with a collection. Not all of the tales in the collection have been seen before and like with my Guardians of the Gate City collection I have added little bits from me, the author, explaining a bit about the tale itself and what led me to write them.

So if you are interested here is the first proof for the cover. I need to tweak it some but I think it will be a good one.


Working on final edits…or ARRRGGHHHH

I have to first say THANK YOU to my pre-reader, Simone. A wonderful woman who helps me put commas in the right place, hyphens where they below and tells me if the story is dragging weirdly.

Having someone outside yourself and the online programs who is willing to read a manuscript that is not quite finished. In fact I have had two with this book but like a wise writer I am not going to give away the name of my other pre readers. Safer for me and for them in today’s weird world.

What is odd is when you go through the edits you are sent back and you see where you missed a letter, typed up the wrong version of a word or somehow made a sentence seem like it was written by a pedantic old man.

In the current work in progress, To Save Face or Family (yes that is the name!)I have characters who talk in a very old fashioned and correct way. In the modern world we all use contractions and they can be the bane of a writers existence. See there are two schools of thought, either everyone has to talk that way or you should NEVER use them!

Like a fool I went through and did a find/replace on all my contractions. Silly me! When you have characters who are from 21 to 40, well you need to have those in the speech patterns. Having two characters who don’t use them is bad enough, having all of them? Bad me. So I thank my wonderful editor/pre-readers who pointed that out to me.

We are through the fourth chapter as of me writing this this morning…which means we have only fifteen more to do before I can publish this book. And for those of you who haven’t seen this yet (must be a few of you right?) here is the cover for my newest soon to be released book!


Cover and excerpt….cha-cha-changes

This came from a comment on one of my discussion boards.  We were talking about pop music and my mind went to pop music magic…and a weird story was born.  Soon to be put for sale but here is the cover and a bit of the tale

changes  Had fun with this one for sure.


“Five hundred years can make the commonplace into something out of myths.  What science can’t understand could very well be magic.”  Dissertation on magic and music by Professor Mark Carlisle




“Really, David, where did you get this crackpot idea?”


David grumbled as he looked over his shoulder at his friend and classmate Charlie.  The tall, gawky redhead was always full of snide comments.  Why he asked to follow David on his little expedition he had not idea.  Better yet, why had David said yes?  “It isn’t a crackpot idea.  Marjorie said that Prof Carlisle taught a whole course about how bards from the time used songs to do all kinds of things.


“Like what?” Charlie leaned back against one of the crumbling old tombstones.  He buffed his nails against the psuedo-leather of his jacket, hiding a smile.  “Really magic was only found in movies back in the 20th and 21st centuries.  There were no mages or bards during the Age of Rationalism.”


David shook his head and whipped out a small archaic notebook and flipped to a page in the center.  “According to research done by Professor Carlisle and his assistants there is plenty of evidence of Pop Music Magic in the records.  From one singer becoming rich by calling down “Diamonds” to the common attraction spell of “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” I have hundreds of examples here.”



Well that is enough for now.  Time to work on the four Death Walks Through covers I need to do.

Cover and excerpt from When Winter Comes Roaring

Yup I haven’t done this in a bit.  Now that my desktop is working correctly I can do excerpts again!  First lets show you what I have for the cover.

winter-comes  Another of my photographs is the what I used for the background.  When you live in Canada you can get a lot of really awesome winter shots of course.  Does this feel cold enough for you?  Well this is a fun little tale with my take on Jack Frost even!  Not sure if I will be listing this has horror, fantasy or faery tale.  Well here is the excerpt!


In the darkness the snow fell slowly.  The quiet of the deep night and snow held the world in a hush that was suddenly broken by a single note.  Once the note drifted off to silence there was a rustle of cloth and a slither as the snow parted.  It was midwinter night and the moon rode high in the sky.


Midwinter, the longest night of the year, held a magic all its own.  On this one night magic was set loose and secret beings awaken for that one night of wonder and mischief.  Fires are banked in homes large and small or so they used to be in the times gone by.  In the turning of the wheel of the year many legends had come and gone and those who kept to the old ways grew less and less.




Jackie looked about before he slipped from his hidey-hole.  Winter had come late this year but it seemed that the storm overhead was doing its best to make up for being late.  He shook his head and sighed.  While the humans blamed him for winter he was just in charge of the frost that decorated their windows with lace.  He was the herald of the end of the growing season, telling them to get their harvests in before Father Winter woke up.  Well this year he woke up with a vengeance.


Sliding across the thin layer of ice, Jackie went from home to home.  Inside most of them he could see families tucked up with their heat cranked high, modern things that kept them warm even on the coldest day but he had a feeling that would not help them soon.  Father Winter was angry, he could feel it.


Humanity had been ignoring the world, in their self-absorbed way, for far too long in the view of most elementals.  Destruction followed wherever they went and the natural world was swiftly tilting out of true.  Mother Earth was slowly returning to her winter slumber and darker beings would control the face of the world they shared.  Jackie knew that if Father Winter had his way the world would be plunged into a long ice age that would kill off the pests that infested his realm.


Jackie though liked the humans.  He played with the young ones, teased the newly adult young women and planted beauty on the windows of the homes he passed.  While he was a part of Father Winter’s court, it was that time between autumn and winter that he truly lived.  When the sun would break through the cold darkness and make the frosty paintings he left sparkle that was his favorite time.


Sliding around a long bend in the road he slowed down.  Here was a tiny hamlet; a small grouping of homes where it seemed time had skipped lightly over them.  This handful of houses could have been lifted up and dropped into place a hundred years ago and they would still fit.  They all huddled together about a central park that was properly prepared for the upcoming winter weather.  Draped in soft tinsel and handmade ornaments they villagers were obviously looking forward to the coming winter holiday.  This was where he wanted to be but not quite.  There was one more home that was set away from the park, a short distance down the road.  That one house set back and away from the rest of this little hamlet was somehow brighter and cozier than the other homes in this village.

Making covers

As I have put up a number of the covers I have made you readers know I like to make fun covers.  As of now I am starting a business.   So many cover designers are charging up to three hundred dollars for their coves and in my opinion that is too much for the average indie author.

So if any of you are authors and want a nice cover for your books, you can contact me and as the banner says my prices are really reasonable.