Today the great Tanith Lee passed away. Yet another great fantasy/science fiction author has passed away. We have lost a master of the form who influenced many of us who are authors today in the genre. But if you watch entertainment shows it is rare that the passing of a great like Ms Lee is mentioned, even in passing.

The son of an actor, the grandchild of a singer, these are commented on but a great in one of the most popular genres of fiction and there is nothing. I had found out about her passing like I have so many other amazing writers over the past decade, via Facebook or other social platforms.

I am not saying that it is wrong to mention the family of singers or actors, but writers put the words we all use in many ways. From books that get turned into movies/tv shows, to songwriters who put the words to our lives, to poets, screen writers and playwrites  have to acknowledge them.

Ms Lee wrote over 90 novels and over 300 short stories, was credited for two episodes of Blake 7…why do I not see her mentioned on these shows instead of yet another reality star scandal? It is so sad!