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My work as of the end of 2014

Yup New Year’s Eve is tomorrow and another year is almost over. One of the things I have been doing this month is putting together the spreadsheets that a long time bookkeeper just can’t seem to avoid. I have been keeping track of my sales since I started publishing on my own and while it both excites and depresses me, it it a helpful thing. Well I expanded my spreadsheets to keep track of my flash fictions, of my word totals, works in progress…well just about anything that a writer should think about.

As I mentioned over on my Suteko blog, my numbers are pretty close to what I had last year. As of 8am on December 30th (yeah today) I am within three sales of my totals last year. The difference comes in that last year I mostly sold short stories and this year I have sold mostly novels and collections. So cashwise I have done better.

Here is the list of sales by Title. Now obviously not every title i have had a sale in 2014 but I expected that. In fact out of all my titles there is only one that has never had a sale, Goodbye Daddy, the nonfiction piece I put up under my pen name has never sold a copy. Not that I expected it to. Even if I never sell a copy of those Letters to the Dead, I will still write them and put them up. It is a catharsis for things in my past. But back to what did sell.  Here is my list:

A Bargain made with Fur                     10
A Different Kind of Hunt                     1
A Moving Experience                         1
A Trap of Eyes                             2
All That There Was                         1
An Evening of Note                         1
And Darkness Claims It all                     3
And He Makes three                         1
Beginning Again                         4
Blackbird                             1
Cemetary Games                             1
Cha-cha-changes                         1
Christmas Snow                             3
Death Comes softly                         1
Death Is the Answer                         3
Death Was the Bargain                         3
Death Walks Through                         11
Descents                             1
Echoes of Elder Times                         4
Endings                             9
Escape                                 29
Fall Into Nightmares                         4
From the Snow                             2
Generations of Love                         1
Gaurdian of the Gate City                     5
Guess Wo Is Coming the Tanksgiving Dinner             3
Halloween Pranks and Mischief                     3
Holiday Flashes of Fiction                     8
Hope Everlasting                         1
I Can’t Love You Anymore                     1
Ice                                 17
If Shadows Could Speak                         1
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream                 3
It Jut Might be Gremlins                     1
Love, Loss and Loneliness                     1
Memories of Love                         1
Monsters of the Dark                         1
Never Pack Them Away                         3
New Performaer                             2
Night and Day                             1
No More the Smiles                         3
Not T oth Grave Go I                         1
Not Jst Another Mornig of buiness                 1
Now and Forever                         3
One More all hallows eve                     3
artings                             2
Possibilities                             1
Random Musings of poetic Mind                     1
Rebirth                             1
The Red Ghost Rides                         5
Revenge                             3
Smae Time Nexty Year at the Spaceport Cafe             7
Secrets can be deadly                         1
Shadows on the Wall                         1
Strange Nature                             2
Sudden Disappearances                         1
Surprises and Gifts                         1
Test of Trust                             1
The Dream Wish                             2
The Knight Protctor                         1
The Last Moonset                         3
The Pest House                             5
The Popsicle                             5
The Traveler                             10
The Words that Bring Peace                     1
To Save Face or Family                         8
Twas the NIght                             1
Under the Black Bridge                         1
When Witner Comes Roaring                     4
Where Angels No onger Tread                     11

As you can see some titles did better than others. Escape of course did the best because well, it was released this fall. That helped the numbers get up there after all. Now it is not my biggest seller of course. If I look at the spreadsheet totals certain titles are still up there.

Ice is still my most popular title with 44 sales so far (that is of course not counting and free copies that went out). Next up is The Traveler at 41 which is really nice. Finally is Endings (the first Loralil story) with 39. Now two of the three of these have been up for two years.  Yes I realize these are small numbers compared to so many authors. I have author friends who see this type of sales in a day and I envy them for sure but well I just need to remember that some day I will be discovered. After all some of the most famous authors were not discovered till they were dead! Okay here is hoping I don’t take that long!

Now if you are wondering how many titles I put out in 2014 here you go.

In 2014 I either put out or was part of 22 titles. That is down from 2014 when I published/added to 50 titles but the break down shows why I did less.

Anthologies 3

collections 3

Novels 2

novellas 1

short stories 13

Okay maybe I didn’t write as much. Though to be honest the novels were some of my longest pieces of finished work. The collections have new stories in them of course.

Now one thing i did not list above was the amount of flash fictions I have been writing over the past year plus. See anything under 1000 words I decided needed to be put in a different list. So here goes.

Of the 174 flash fictions I have written, only 43 are from 2013. Most of those are drabbles from when I first learned of the short form. So 141 were written this year. And yes I plan on writing a lot more of them through out 2015. I have of course put up the covers for those collections.

Expect to see a lot more collections this year. I don’t plan on releasing single short stories as much anymore. While I will release the first in new collections, don’t expect a pile of shorts alone. While I am working on revising/editing an old novel and I have started working on a new Flights of Fantasy novella I think that most of my work in 2015 will be short story/flash fiction collections and the next book in my novel series. Have a happy new year!


When will it come out?

As many of you know I am a short story author. I write in all lengths actually but short stories are my bread and butter so to speak. Well this month there will be two new offerings from me. A collection of flash fictions that I wrote and an anthology of christmas drabbles that I have donated to. I have put up the cover to my collection all ready for your readers to look at and I can’t yet put up the cover for the Christmas Drabble collection so I thought I would put together a cover for the collection that I will be releasing come Valentine’s Day.

Mythos of Love will be a collection of five tales. Four have all ready been published but the final tale, Singer of the Blood song, is totally new. I have spent the past few weeks going through and revising and editing the other tales to more reflect I how have evolved as a writer. As a bit of a sneak peak here is the working cover i have for this Fantasy Romance collection

mythos-of-love Look for this collection in early February!

Drabbles and the collections they live in

Now this is a week late but I thought I would expose you gentle readers to the wonder of a drabble collection. the FWG (Fiction Writers Group from Facebook)put out a collection of these little gems of writing. One hundred word tales with the theme of Halloween is what we did. I have the very first one inside and here is a link to this book

This book was a lot of fun to contribute to and has given me the push I need to complete my own drabble collection which I will put out sometime next year.

jack o lantern trick

Halloween Anthologies! Here they come!

Yup, Friday is one of the best days of the year. Halloween will be upon us in under five days! If like me you love good little tales based around the season, well I have a collection for you! Okay this is only one of the new anthologies I am a part of that will be out this week but as it is the first one up and ready for sale I thought I would post it up

Ode to Autumn – Season of Change, is a collection of stories and poetry from 18 different writers (me being one!) The tales are not all Halloween but that is fine. Autumn is a great time of year here in the north country. So if you want to read something scary, funny, dark, bright or just plain good, why not pick up this anthology. My tale, is in there but you have to read them all. You never know you might find a new indie author that you HAVE to read.


You can pick it up here:

I have even put together a website for our group of writers. If you would like to know more about the fabulously talented writers of this group please go here:

Working up new bookcovers

As you finish a new tale coming up with a cover so you can post it for sale can be fun or it can be a trial.  Today I have been lucky.  I have two covers done.  One is for the newest Author’s Choice Select Anthology and the other for the next Mythos of Love short story.

The first one all I really did was add text.  The wonderful piece of art was donated by one of the group members and is an original painting for this collection.  Working with an all ready done piece of art is much easier than designing from scratch as you can see.  This is the temp cover for now:


The second cover is for my story Rebirth.  I had a lot of fun making this.  With a little help from my ever amazing husband I think I have something really unique for a cover.


Now I just have to work up a cover for Possibilities.  Thanks to a few suggestions from the Fiction Writers Facebook group I think i may have just the thing for this cover.  Hope i can make it look really good

At it again. Another new tale in the works or excerpt

Yup another tale in the works.  I have so many it is hard to keep up isn’t it?  This should go to an anthology but here you go..the first bit of this one.




The wind flowed under my wings as I circled the tall ship.  This was not where I belonged, so far from land but I had to follow her.  Back winging I settled on the cross piece of the mast.  Calling out my song of loss into the night, toward the stars so high above.


Not so long ago I had been man, living happily in a cottage surrounded by deep green and lovely flowers but that all changed when she did.  If I had listened to my parents maybe I would still be man, who knows.


Ten days ago she changed and I could have stop myself from following her.  She no longer wanted our simple life in the woods.  She wanted something bigger and more importantly she wanted someone else.  In my love for her I begged her not to go, to stay in our home and our marriage bed but she would not.  Now I follow her on wings of black forced upon me by magic I did not expect.


Life had been so simple before.  We had courted like any young couple would and walked along the dunes that led down to the sea.  It was there that we met him, the man who took my lover’s heart from me.


His name was Michael and to many he would have been handsome.  Taller than I by a hand span, his eyes were ice blue.  With a single look he stole her away and my Mary dropped my arm and walked to him.


When he wrapped his arm about her he shot me a fierce and proud look.  The look a predator has when he had defeated his rival.  I knew his name and heard the legend of his power but I did not believe it and look where it left me.

In the Dark WIP excerpt

Okay this little bit is something I am actually working on right now.  This will hopefully be going into a new anthology of FB writers.  I all ready submitted a short little Death Walks Through story.  Thankfully once this book as has been out for six month I can go ahead and put it into the collection of those tales.  But this is a different little bit.  Set in the world after the Change (yeah end of the world off screen) it deals with those little beings who have come out of hiding.  Some of them are innocent victims of the mad new world



Panting, she crouched down between the wall an the dumpster.  The darker shadows here and her clothing made her nearly invisible to most.  It would take more than a stray headlight to pick her out.  Straining, she focused all her senses toward the opening of the alley.  She shivered and then froze as the loud voices got closer.  Praying hard to beings who she was sure had left, she held her breath, slitted eyes darting back and forth.


She did not relax as the large shadows thudded past.  Counting silently, she closed her eyes tightly at 50 and pulled herself inward.  She felt the final shadow pause, searching in ways its brothers’ could not.  He took a step into the alley, fingers out stretched then paused, his head whipped around and then flashed out of the alley and away after his baying pack.


She waited and waited until her subconscious realized that the danger level had dropped.  It was then she started to tremble.  Nothing big, a bare rustle of the cloth covering her from crown to toes.  Taking a slow cautious breath, she reached and nearly shrieked as a deep, furry voice spoke above her.  “They’re gone, little lady, you can get up now.”


Pressing back harder into the shadows she shook her head and scrabbled at her waist for a weapon she no longer had.  “Easy now,” Thomas spoke softly, gently to the quivering form.  She was covered from head to toe in over sized clothes.  The only part of her he could see was her large luminous eyes.  “I won’t hurt you but we need to get you out of here and some place safe.  The Hunters have your scent now.