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Shaman Tales, Bird shaman page eleven

And the final page. I have other ideas for the Shaman tales but  I will finally put up Elsi’s Tale. starting tomorrow


Shaman Tales, bird shaman page ten


Shaman Tales, bird shaman page nine

Home stretch here we come. Hope you folks are enjoying this!


Shaman tales, Bird shaman, page seven


Shaman Tales, Bird Shaman page five

Some pages are more words than image as you can see.


Shaman Tales, Bird shaman, page four

Moving right along with this series. Ideas are flooding me on where to go once I finish posting up the final page. Please enjoy.


Shaman Tales, Bird Shaman, page three

I had a lot of fun coming up which bird to move onto with each page of this series. I plan on doing other creatures in the follow up series.