Working on my newest novel, Escape, has been a bit of a trip. By switching to science fiction I have to work a different set of muscles than my usual fantasy ones. Can’t have magic and elves, swords and armor but I can take some things and put them across.

Fun discussions about how long it would take for something to go from fact to legend to myth and how many generations make up a century can be very enlightening. As I have a universe that left Earth over a thousand years ago, the mother planet has taken on a mythical feel to the average man and woman of the space stations and I wanted to keep that.

Now another thing I wanted to cover was would it have been possible that during the dark ages of Earth that we might have lost advanced cultures that had space flight? After all there are tons of myths of aliens and lost cultures like Atlantis. I haven’t worked that out yet but if I do it just might tie in other in progress science fiction tales I have.

Escape is fun so far, with Adam, a singer and Caro, a dancer who are fleeing from the Masters Cyrus and Marshall, who run the sector they are in. As I work on this tale though I find myself digging deeper than I expected. I have finally brought in Quirin, A hunter from the League and the true hero of this tale..I think! He will be more in the second League book but who knows?

Here is a little excerpt from Escape, a little bit explaining what a Hunter is thought to be:

Legend tells of the Hunters of the League. A sub group of the Marshals of the League, these men and women are said to have fast ships that fly between worlds and stations at speeds that that boggle the mind. A single hunter, it is said, are trained in unarmed combat techniques that would allow that hunter to take down even an enraged Rushkla. They are rarely seen and no one really knows them. Secretive, there are only a small handful of them roaming the deep dark under orders by the League. If you are under siege by pirates or have lost someone to slavers, then you pray that they are in your sector, because they will save those who can be saved, bring the criminal to justice and leave the place safer for the innocent when they disappear into the void between stations.

“The myth of the Hunters by Mary Margaret Jones”

As you can see I am having fun. All I can say is this wont be done quickly. I need to do more research!