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Elsi’s Tale page three



Shaman Tales, Bird Shaman, page one

Well, time for a new tale. The Shaman Tales are going to be about a shaman learning secrets from the various animals. I started with the birds, which I had a lot of fun drawing. Some of the pages are really great and others? I am not the best artist but I am trying. Enjoy.


Working on graphic tales

Well still haven’t got things scanned in, really need to start doing that. But I have finished the inking/painting/coloring of the second tale and I am just trying to decide how much more I need on the third to be finished. I began another one that will be filled with images of birds that I have drawn and collected up all my flower drawings with another image I have and I am plotting out that little tale. So it looks like in all I will have five tales in the works. Course this is subject to change with how my mind works.

For Mother’s Day my dear hubby picked me up a new sketch pad. It isn’t huge but it is going to be helpful as I was down to two pieces of water color paper. Cant complete even the stories that are almost done in just two pieces now can I?

But with no further babble from me here are a few photos I took of the pieces in progress. Enjoy