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Okay I have been busy

Yeah I know, I should have been writing, should have been paying attention but well I have been busy. So how about a drabble for the wonderful holiday just past?


Walk with the Pumpkins

By Lisa Williamson

Come with me, my little friends, along the pathway of flickering light. See the pumpkins all lined up in the dark. Stay on that path, children, for there are dangers in the dark. Ghosts, goblins, vampires and devils will grab you if you don’t stay where you are told.

What? They don’t exist? They are just stories told by parents to make you behave? Go ahead, step off the path. I dare you to do it. Oh now you won’t try it? Then how about I just blow out these lights and show you what really hides in the dark?


Seasonal Drabble: The Pupkin King

Here I sit in the field, waiting for the moon to rise. In lonely splendor I glow a brilliant orange. Forgotten by those hunting for their special perfect round one, I am more than they know. See the moon rises and so do I. I slowly push up from the ground, my roots tearing from the soil that nourished me. I stand and a grin breaks across my face. A eerie glow filling the field from my eyes. It is Halloween and it is my time now. The night when magic rises and I am once again the Pumpkin King.

Goodbye May, Welcome June….some fun flash fiction for this warm day

it is June 1st, the sun is shinning, the music is playing and I thoght how about sharing some flash fictions of various lengths with you my loyal readers?

First a dribble..that is a short of only 50 words (not counting title of course)


Gentle Morning

Water droplets glisten on the down turned petals of sapphire blue. The sun is cupped gently by one of those blossoms and I watch as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. The sky, shades of umber, cinnabar and gold, slowly brightening once more as night becomes day again.


Next drabble, those tales of exactly 100 words


Let’s Play!

Let’s go out and play today, fun to be had on this summer day for everyone and everything. Whoops, it is raining out. Well that is okay. It might be raining, it might be cloudy, but I don’t care. I have my flower and the sun shines from deep inside of me. Come on everyone, lets go out and play. Bring your flowers and bring your smiles. For raindrops are just nature’s tears as she laughs at our bright antics today. Play with me my friends. Pick up your flower and play. Won’t you join me outside today and play?


Now how about the shortest of the short? A hint fiction…these are only 25 words


Summer dawn

Sun rising, shades of red, yellow and white, over the sea. Clouds scuttle off, as if burned by light. Awake my child from your dreams.


A micro fiction runs between the length of a drabble and a dribble…and here you go


Hiding in the Tomatoes

I slipped between the round green bulbs, seeking the coolness of the shade they cast. The summer has been hot and I am but a little frog. This place is safe from hunters and water is sprayed here on a schedule that intrigues me. The others sit by the drying ponds, gasping as the water they need to stay alive dries up. Me, I have found the perfect place to rest and to grow. Water, food and shade, what else could a frog ask for?


And finally a quickie fiction. These generally come in over 100 words but under 500, enjoy


Marcus, the Brave

Mother said I couldn’t do it, or was it shouldn’t do it? But I had to try, had to scurry out of the den she kept me in and feel the wind in my fur. Climbing the stalk was a bit scary, it swayed with each placement of my paw, but I made it. I am at the top. Below my paws are the seed pods that grandmother said were the sweetest and above me is the sky. There is no hawk, no owl, looming out of the cloudless sky to snag me from my perch. For this one glorious moment I am free of fear, free of doubt and free to be more than the mouse of my birth. I am Marcus, the Brave, the only mouse to climb the stalk and tell the tale.

Halloween Drabbles

Yup it is that time.  The creepy, cold and dark day that we all enjoy so much.  As a part of the day I have written a few drabbles just for today.  The First is The Pumpkin King

Let me come to you, through the wall that separates us.  Can’t you see me pressing through the white walls, through the hole I broke in the paint.  I press my eye to the opening and whisper your name.  Why don’t you see me?  Why don’t you hear me?  I am trapped between the walls, trying to fight my way free.


Yeah I know an image would have been great but do you really need to see him?



Death on a Bridge

I sit on the bridge, my cloak beside me.  So many have run from my touch, afraid of what I bring.  For my touch is cold and the last you will feel.  When darkness falls I will have to pick up my mask once more but for now I sit and enjoy the flow of water and the feel of wind on my skin.


So leave me be if you see me.  Let me relax from my endless rounds, for Death will come to you soon enough.  Let me enjoy wind and I will let you live one more night.


And finally



Walled in

Let me come to you, through the wall that separates us.  Can’t you see me pressing through the white walls, through the hole I broke in the paint.  I press my eye to the opening and whisper your name.  Why don’t you see me?  Why don’t you hear me?  I am trapped between the walls, trying to fight my way free.  Help me, please help me!  I am trapped inside the wall.  Why can’t I get free, why are you bringing that toward me? No don’t!  Don’t seal me in.  Oh god don’t seal me into the wall oh please.


Tried to make this one creepy but I am not sure it was.

Too busy for more than a drabble?

Well why not right?  I have been a good doobie and working my fingers off so why not just give you a drabble to read?  I have submitted another tale to another contest and I need to finish up at least three stories this weekend so I thought I would just give you something short and different.



Dreaming of the sand

by Lisa Williamson


Soft sand and warm water, kissed by rainbows and sunlight.  Now this is a dream we all can enjoy.  Lying back on the beach and watching the waves slowly lap up from the sea.  The mountains in the distance covered in blue green forests, cool and comfortable and filled with secrets unknown to man.


I would love to spend a day and night there listening to the sounds of nature and letting all my worries drift away but reality draws me ever backwards.  Dreaming is fine for so many things but dreams can’t save me now.


The snow runs deep and the cold is bone chilling.  I shudder and wrap the blankets tight around me and lie back in the dark.  Hoping that once more I can dream about the soft sand and warm water, with you lying at my side.  Sweet are the dreams of you at my side

New releases, new work and a drabble or two

Well August is almost over and I have decided I waited long enough to release these three stories.

Since August ends on Monday and this weekend is a holiday I decided I would release the three stories I had been holding onto.   Three different tales from three different series Not Just Another Morning of Business, Guardians of the Gate City side story 1:  Sheldon is one of Harry’s friends, a dragon who deals in information.  He is not having a good morning. Now and Forever (Mythos of Love, #3): Sometimes the pledge you make to your Lord is not what you expected The Pest House, Death Walks Through 9: Pest houses are where they took those very contagious to get better or die but not everyone taken there were sick.


Now I have been a good hard working writer too.  Here is a little bit of Rebirth


He awoke to that glow.  Standing in the dark, it took him a long seemingly endles time to be able to focus.  The first thing that he saw was a pair of golden eyes.   As Malcom opened his mouth he heard the rustle of feathers.  “You you remember brother?”

The voice was rich, odd and deep yet familiar.  “Remember?”  Malcolm asked.

A tale bronze haired man stepped forward, dressed in leathers of  shade darker than his hair.  Though Malcolm blinked slowly the eyes before him looked just like the eagle from before.  He spread his hands and the rustle of feathers grew louder.  A dim light came from around his form and as Malcolm watched a pair of bronze wings filled the space around the almost stronger.


Yes there is a lot more but well I have to type it up!

And finally I said I would toss in another drabble…so why not?


Sitting and waiting

by Lisa Williamson

The bench sits just back from the path.  Here I can look over the cliffs and see the land so far away.  The rocks to my left and the scrub brush to my right.  It is odd how different it is.  The bench used to be surrounded by trees and tall grasses, flowers that bloomed in high summer but then man came along, plowed them down.  Why they did it I did not ask.  I just stayed in my place and watched.  They Left nothing here but the light covering of snow that fell while I was sitting and waiting.


Hey drabbles again!

I have been so busy doing so much that I need to take time and slow how about these?



Walking the bridge between here and where?

by Lisa Williamson


The fog is too thick to see past.  The road continues on, the bridge is the only path I can take.  I know not where I will go but I must follow this path.  Will they be on the other side?  Did he wait for me like he promised?

When I started this quest the world was bright and filled with laughter but as time moved on I lost touch with those who made me smile.  Now I just want them back.  I have walked this path so long, will it never end?




11:05 AM

by Lisa Williamson


I watched in terror as the steel beam above the engine came loose.   It was supposed to be a grand day.  The new, state of the art double engine that could pull three times as many cars and it was in danger of destruction.  The crowd of men, all in their fancy top hats and tails screamed and pointed as the creatures from nightmare reached through the hole they made to pluck the engineers who had climbed up to cheer in pride at their massive folly.  I could have told them not to celebrate man’s accomplishments but they didn’t listen.