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Teasers…or opps it isn’t tuesday

Yeah I know I am a day behind on this but I had some trouble with this new feature. See one of the things a lot of authors are doing is something called a teaser. This is different from your blurb or cover reveal. Usually you will have an image with a bit from inside the book. A short excerpt. This is my first attempt so it isn’t perfect but I will be making up a bunch of them over the next month for each of my novels and novellas.


Hopefully these will work.


Cover and excerpt….cha-cha-changes

This came from a comment on one of my discussion boards.  We were talking about pop music and my mind went to pop music magic…and a weird story was born.  Soon to be put for sale but here is the cover and a bit of the tale

changes  Had fun with this one for sure.


“Five hundred years can make the commonplace into something out of myths.  What science can’t understand could very well be magic.”  Dissertation on magic and music by Professor Mark Carlisle




“Really, David, where did you get this crackpot idea?”


David grumbled as he looked over his shoulder at his friend and classmate Charlie.  The tall, gawky redhead was always full of snide comments.  Why he asked to follow David on his little expedition he had not idea.  Better yet, why had David said yes?  “It isn’t a crackpot idea.  Marjorie said that Prof Carlisle taught a whole course about how bards from the time used songs to do all kinds of things.


“Like what?” Charlie leaned back against one of the crumbling old tombstones.  He buffed his nails against the psuedo-leather of his jacket, hiding a smile.  “Really magic was only found in movies back in the 20th and 21st centuries.  There were no mages or bards during the Age of Rationalism.”


David shook his head and whipped out a small archaic notebook and flipped to a page in the center.  “According to research done by Professor Carlisle and his assistants there is plenty of evidence of Pop Music Magic in the records.  From one singer becoming rich by calling down “Diamonds” to the common attraction spell of “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” I have hundreds of examples here.”



Well that is enough for now.  Time to work on the four Death Walks Through covers I need to do.

Cover and excerpt from When Winter Comes Roaring

Yup I haven’t done this in a bit.  Now that my desktop is working correctly I can do excerpts again!  First lets show you what I have for the cover.

winter-comes  Another of my photographs is the what I used for the background.  When you live in Canada you can get a lot of really awesome winter shots of course.  Does this feel cold enough for you?  Well this is a fun little tale with my take on Jack Frost even!  Not sure if I will be listing this has horror, fantasy or faery tale.  Well here is the excerpt!


In the darkness the snow fell slowly.  The quiet of the deep night and snow held the world in a hush that was suddenly broken by a single note.  Once the note drifted off to silence there was a rustle of cloth and a slither as the snow parted.  It was midwinter night and the moon rode high in the sky.


Midwinter, the longest night of the year, held a magic all its own.  On this one night magic was set loose and secret beings awaken for that one night of wonder and mischief.  Fires are banked in homes large and small or so they used to be in the times gone by.  In the turning of the wheel of the year many legends had come and gone and those who kept to the old ways grew less and less.




Jackie looked about before he slipped from his hidey-hole.  Winter had come late this year but it seemed that the storm overhead was doing its best to make up for being late.  He shook his head and sighed.  While the humans blamed him for winter he was just in charge of the frost that decorated their windows with lace.  He was the herald of the end of the growing season, telling them to get their harvests in before Father Winter woke up.  Well this year he woke up with a vengeance.


Sliding across the thin layer of ice, Jackie went from home to home.  Inside most of them he could see families tucked up with their heat cranked high, modern things that kept them warm even on the coldest day but he had a feeling that would not help them soon.  Father Winter was angry, he could feel it.


Humanity had been ignoring the world, in their self-absorbed way, for far too long in the view of most elementals.  Destruction followed wherever they went and the natural world was swiftly tilting out of true.  Mother Earth was slowly returning to her winter slumber and darker beings would control the face of the world they shared.  Jackie knew that if Father Winter had his way the world would be plunged into a long ice age that would kill off the pests that infested his realm.


Jackie though liked the humans.  He played with the young ones, teased the newly adult young women and planted beauty on the windows of the homes he passed.  While he was a part of Father Winter’s court, it was that time between autumn and winter that he truly lived.  When the sun would break through the cold darkness and make the frosty paintings he left sparkle that was his favorite time.


Sliding around a long bend in the road he slowed down.  Here was a tiny hamlet; a small grouping of homes where it seemed time had skipped lightly over them.  This handful of houses could have been lifted up and dropped into place a hundred years ago and they would still fit.  They all huddled together about a central park that was properly prepared for the upcoming winter weather.  Draped in soft tinsel and handmade ornaments they villagers were obviously looking forward to the coming winter holiday.  This was where he wanted to be but not quite.  There was one more home that was set away from the park, a short distance down the road.  That one house set back and away from the rest of this little hamlet was somehow brighter and cozier than the other homes in this village.

Expanding scenes you have all ready written or a new excerpt

Yup I do change things as the work goes on.  I enjoy fleshing things out so that they punch you in the gut (or so i hope).  So here is another bit from Where Angels No Longer Tread


These modern replacements for the horse were a wonder that I fully enjoyed.  Riding on mine was the closest I had come to flying in many long years.  When I was past the outlying towns that were a part of the metropolitan area I opened her up and sped toward my destination.  It would be days away but when my brother reached for me he would find me coming closer.


Thankfully my reflexes are better than a humans.  I was distracted by new and old memories as I drove.  Focusing on what Davic had stirred in me would be a pleasant torture that I really did not have the leisure to enjoy but I found myself comparing him to Notus and finding they were much the same.  Somehow I had found a man who could compare to my long lost love.  Finding him now was a sweet sadness that filled hours for me but I pulled my mind from those thoughts as I passed from one state to the next.  The long rolling hills rose to mountains and I paused briefly in one of the passes.  I watched as a single eagle flew silently above me and my heart stuttered in longing.  My dearest wish was to once again ride the winds above the land, like my smaller cousins still do.  Mankind now covers the world but there are still places lonely enough for an Ariel to fly free.


I sat and watched that eagle fly and fed from the true source of nourishment for my kind.  Here the woods were still wild and clean.  Miles away there were men working to clear the last of a field before the snows truly came but here there was only the occasional truck speeding past.  The sun had climbed in the sky till it hit its crest and I could just barely hear the laughter of the winds.  Small birds would drop down and sing to me as I sat there for a long time.  I could have spent days just sitting there but time was moving and I needed to follow it.  Sighing I started the motorcycle back up and headed down from the pass into the next state.


Over the centuries I have traveled all over the planet.  Being dragged from one place to another by the various men who thought they owned me had been difficult but it had been one kind master who had finally set me free.  He had come to understand during the war against slavery that owning any being was wrong.  I do not claim that I suffered like those humans who had been bartered like cattle but I had been a slave longer than any of them could ever understand.  I suffered in ways that they would not for they were rarely kept caged I am sure.  I spent a human lifetime in a gilded cage, forced to sing for fat men who then paid to use my body.


Being bought and sold for the magic in my blood, the song that I could sing and finally for my slender form was much the same though.  My owners all knew that I was not human and had held that tight to their breasts, believing that they were not bad because I was not another human.  It took the son of my last owner really to teach him the difference.  I had been let go, given a settlement and asked to forget them.  I took the settlement but I never forgot the final kindness of freedom.


Just an interlude in the road.

How about a taste of a Thanksgiving tale?

Okay this is part of my Space Station Tales.  Those fun little free stories I have set up all over the web.  This is supposed be be part of an anthology that I hope comes out this year.


Guess who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner!

A Space Station Tale

By Lisa Williamson

Every culture has some type of harvest festival.  A time when everyone comes together to give thanks for a bountiful growing season.  They are tied to the autumnal seasons planetside but when you are out in the deep dark without a world below, it can be difficult to plan a festival of thanksgiving.

When I was a sprattling living back in the Mother world we picked fruit, ate pies and stuffed ourselves with turkey.  What is turkey you ask?  Well it was a big bird, a fowl that we baked or roasted or fried.  We would fill it with stuffing and enjoy a harvest meal.  Now I know a lot of you were born on ships or grew up on worlds far from here but as kids we used to look forward to this feast of food that came each year.  It was a time when all your far-flung cousins would come and you got to play and talk and celebrate family.

Of course we are on a station and when making a feast you have to remember not everyone eats meat.  Sure surprised me how many vegans there were out here.  No I don’t mean those tale green skinned highbrow types, I mean people who won’t eat meat.  They have no idea what they are missing.  A fine juicy drumstick or the moist white breast meat filling up your plate, oh my was it good.  Stuffing filled with all kinds of good stuff like apples or cranberries and herbs.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.


Over the years of running this place I have had to come up with some really out there meals.  Each traveler wants that taste of home when they come to celebrate here in the deep dark.  I have made yams into a dozen different dishes.  Moon cakes of all kinds fill my kitchen and the pasta seems to over flow and that is just for the humans who stop by to eat.

Finding a Denebian crawfish thingie to stew up or a Venusian swiggle worm, well it gets interesting.  Usually I have to start to bartering months in advance and let me tell you it gets pricey.  Made me really glad that we were down to a skeleton crew this year.

See being the chief cook and bottle washer along with the head of hydroponics means I get all those requests for a taste of home.  I can work what seems like a miracle at times but just once I wanted to put together a meal that was purely from my old, old home.




Excerpt from current work in progress

When you decide to sit down and write a different genre than you are known for it can be tricky.  I of course am known for odd and dark tales of fantasy.  Short and fun and to the point in most cases but I have been spreading my wings so to speak and writing novels and changing genres.  While the work I just finished (out to beta readers) is a good old fashioned (I hope) fantasy tale of good and evil, right and wrong I decided my next work will be more a paranormal.

Well since it it set in more modern times I have some modern themes in the book.  The Hero of the piece is a protector of the street kids.  Those people living out in the city who have been thrown away.  As many are aware there are thousands of kids living in deplorable conditions.  In a society that is filled with modern toys and constant media there are kids fighting to live lives that are barely above disasters.  Kids who the system failed.  Orphans, abused kids and adults living in squats and yes in many cases selling themselves for that next hit that will let them forget their lives.  So I have started a book that may take me longer to write than anything else i have.  We will see.  Here is a bit from Where Angels No Longer Tread.


The oldest of my orphans shook her head and rolled her eyes.  “You know that Michael has an all points out for you right?”

I shook my head as my eyes closed.  I had forgotten that my local contact with the police had planned on stopping by today.  Michael O’shay was a good man but a policeman to the core.  He worried about my safety and hated it when I went out on my night walks.  He was convinced that some hoodlum would attack and injure me.  Little did he know that it wasn’t a human hoodlum I had to worry about.  And I wanted it to stay that way.

Like many over the long years of my life, Michael thought he felt something for me.  The old allure of my race seemed to seek out and pull to me men who thought they needed to protect me.  Some of them were good, some were evil but most just had no idea what I was.  “Karen can you call him and let him know I am back?  I seem to have lost my cell phone again.”

Karen was a lovely young woman in her own way.  Tall with a lithe beauty that had attracted the attention of men looking for a new face, a new body.  She had come to the City from one of the Midwestern states.  Tan, with curling black hair and eyes of an exotic green, she had dreams of becoming a model but like most who came here she was deceived.  I found her a year ago living in a squat with a dozen other girls.  The agent who had brought her to the City hooked her on cocaine and then pimped her out.  He didn’t have her walking the streets but if anyone pointed a camera her way Karen would run for the hills.

I got her clean and ever since she had been helping me run the shelter.  Between us we had gotten almost all of the kids she had been squatting with either into my shelter or back to the homes they left.  A little time living in the City taught them that home was not as bad as they thought.  There were three we couldn’t save and they haunted Karen to this day.


This is just a background piece but it gives a bit of flavor to my story.

Excerpt from finished work

Okay I have been doing a lot of fun stuff lately.  Finished up a lot of work makes for a very happy writer for sure.  So I thought why not give you an excerpt of Shadows On A Wall


Shadows On A Wall

A Death Walks Through short story

By Lisa Williamson


When a strong enough explosion happens those too close are vaporized in less than a breath.  Those victims go from living, breathing beings to shadows on a wall.  Their entire physical form is obliterated and the only sign that they were there is a shadow.


Though the bodies are destroyed the souls that once inhabited those bodies become lost.  Some were lucky and were trapped only a short time.  Families would come and release those they could.  Sometimes the souls would lose their grip as time wore away that final link to their past.  There are a unlucky few that have no family to release them and time has left those walls, those images behind to chain them to the place that they do not understand has disappeared.  These souls drift in the burnt out crater of what once was a beautiful city.  Eighty years ago they lost their lives but they did not have time to understand that they had.


Death’s realm is just between one life and the next.  So many trapped souls in one place was difficult for even Death to help.  One by one Death found ways to move along those trapped by that massive tragedy.  The misconception of the living was that he attended each and every death.  That He took your soul cruelly before the time you thought you should die.  Death is a kind being, he tries his best but sometimes he needs help.




Death stood on the rim of the crater and shook his head.  There in the twilight land between life and death lingered souls that knew not that they had crossed over.  Frozen unlike any others he had encountered in the centuries of mankind.  Humanity had progressed to new levels of destruction that made his job harder. Where once battles left him with a handful of souls to help this new form of war had trapped thousands in the moment of brilliant light and heat.


The suffering and agony he felt emanating from those souls overwhelmed even his stoic heart.  Here was a battlefield like no other, for the simple push of a button has destroyed more than he had ever seen.  One minute there had been men, women and children and the next his land was flooded with thousands of souls not realizing they were no longer among the living.