I have been publishing now for three years. In that time I have done a lot as you readers know. One of the things I realized is that I have been writing a lot of types of stories with both male and female leads.

As a reader I notice that most authors tend to stick to one gender for their heroes in their books. They pick one sex and then every book from that point forward is either a man or a woman, a boy or a girl.

Now I admit i have done a lot more female leads than male leads. Here is the break down so far

Series name                          male lead               female lead

Beyond Realities                    one                        three

Dark Games                           none                      one

Guardians of the Gate City    one                         none

Worlds Apart                          two                         three (actually one is split down the middle)

Space Station Tales               four                         none

Pleasant Moments                 none                      four

Nasty Intimancies                  none                       five

(okay there is a male lead but the stories are from a female perspective)

Magic and Nightmares          one                         four

Now I could go on with the other series and the novels but you get the idea. Tends to be a two to one ratio for me on Female leads to Male leads. But the thing is as a writer I can decide partially from what view point I am taking my tale. What has me wondering is why more authors are not doing parity. While it is great that genres like YA and paranormal romance are giving us strong female leads why don’t other genres. And on the flip side why don’t these two give us a lot more male leads? The balance should be 50/50 no matter the genre and I pledge now that I will try to even up my tales so that I have as many male told stories as I have female told stories….it will take time but I hope to even bring in transgender or even those who truly are hermaphrodites…lucky for me the genres I write in will accept and most likely applaud characters who are different. Can you say the same about your characters?

Next week I think I will comment on age…