I have to first say THANK YOU to my pre-reader, Simone. A wonderful woman who helps me put commas in the right place, hyphens where they below and tells me if the story is dragging weirdly.

Having someone outside yourself and the online programs who is willing to read a manuscript that is not quite finished. In fact I have had two with this book but like a wise writer I am not going to give away the name of my other pre readers. Safer for me and for them in today’s weird world.

What is odd is when you go through the edits you are sent back and you see where you missed a letter, typed up the wrong version of a word or somehow made a sentence seem like it was written by a pedantic old man.

In the current work in progress, To Save Face or Family (yes that is the name!)I have characters who talk in a very old fashioned and correct way. In the modern world we all use contractions and they can be the bane of a writers existence. See there are two schools of thought, either everyone has to talk that way or you should NEVER use them!

Like a fool I went through and did a find/replace on all my contractions. Silly me! When you have characters who are from 21 to 40, well you need to have those in the speech patterns. Having two characters who don’t use them is bad enough, having all of them? Bad me. So I thank my wonderful editor/pre-readers who pointed that out to me.

We are through the fourth chapter as of me writing this this morning…which means we have only fifteen more to do before I can publish this book. And for those of you who haven’t seen this yet (must be a few of you right?) here is the cover for my newest soon to be released book!