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Goodbye May, Welcome June….some fun flash fiction for this warm day

it is June 1st, the sun is shinning, the music is playing and I thoght how about sharing some flash fictions of various lengths with you my loyal readers?

First a dribble..that is a short of only 50 words (not counting title of course)


Gentle Morning

Water droplets glisten on the down turned petals of sapphire blue. The sun is cupped gently by one of those blossoms and I watch as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. The sky, shades of umber, cinnabar and gold, slowly brightening once more as night becomes day again.


Next drabble, those tales of exactly 100 words


Let’s Play!

Let’s go out and play today, fun to be had on this summer day for everyone and everything. Whoops, it is raining out. Well that is okay. It might be raining, it might be cloudy, but I don’t care. I have my flower and the sun shines from deep inside of me. Come on everyone, lets go out and play. Bring your flowers and bring your smiles. For raindrops are just nature’s tears as she laughs at our bright antics today. Play with me my friends. Pick up your flower and play. Won’t you join me outside today and play?


Now how about the shortest of the short? A hint fiction…these are only 25 words


Summer dawn

Sun rising, shades of red, yellow and white, over the sea. Clouds scuttle off, as if burned by light. Awake my child from your dreams.


A micro fiction runs between the length of a drabble and a dribble…and here you go


Hiding in the Tomatoes

I slipped between the round green bulbs, seeking the coolness of the shade they cast. The summer has been hot and I am but a little frog. This place is safe from hunters and water is sprayed here on a schedule that intrigues me. The others sit by the drying ponds, gasping as the water they need to stay alive dries up. Me, I have found the perfect place to rest and to grow. Water, food and shade, what else could a frog ask for?


And finally a quickie fiction. These generally come in over 100 words but under 500, enjoy


Marcus, the Brave

Mother said I couldn’t do it, or was it shouldn’t do it? But I had to try, had to scurry out of the den she kept me in and feel the wind in my fur. Climbing the stalk was a bit scary, it swayed with each placement of my paw, but I made it. I am at the top. Below my paws are the seed pods that grandmother said were the sweetest and above me is the sky. There is no hawk, no owl, looming out of the cloudless sky to snag me from my perch. For this one glorious moment I am free of fear, free of doubt and free to be more than the mouse of my birth. I am Marcus, the Brave, the only mouse to climb the stalk and tell the tale.


How about some short fiction today?

Been busy doing so many other things. With a new tablet to play with and my ereader working again I have been reading. But I have a lot of short fiction that I think you readers could enjoy. So here you go.

Day Song

By Lisa Williamson

I sit, on this man made peak, singing to the sky. I must sing, for I am the herald of the morning. My voice calls the sun from its slumber, bringing forth the new day. Slowly, the gray clouds part, letting a hint of the blue sky through.

But wait, they are closing back up! I sing louder, pour more energy into my notes. The day must break; the sun must rise! I take a deeper breath and sing the song that Mother told me was sacred. The notes pure agony to my throat, but I keep singing them. Finally as the last sound seers my tender throat the clouds break and the sun bursts through, lighting the sky into day once more. My job complete, I tumble from my perch, another will have to take up my post tomorrow.


And how about a drabble or two?

The fire burns slowly, melting the snow on the ground. I move closer, shivering from the cold. This night is the one I have waited for, for so long. Watching the skies for that single sign that will tell me that it is time. Winter has gone on to long, stretching out for longer than any living can remember.

There above the slowly brightening sky I see it. The bright tail of light racing across the sky makes the time of change. Soon we will be free of this never ending cold, soon spring will return. Will she be gentle?


Hiding in the Lace

By Lisa Williamson

Do you see me, hiding here under the blossoms? This thing they call Queen Anne’s lace is just perfect for hiding under. Why do they call it that I wonder? Who is this Anne person and what is lace? To me it is the perfect place to hide from hunters. Delightfully fragrant and cool, the best place to rest on a hot afternoon. And let me tell you about the taste! Tender and fruity with a touch of something that I can’t explain. Why not try a bit? I am sure you will like it, even if you are human.

How about some quickie fiction?

It has been a bit since I put up some of my shorter fiction for people to read. This weekend I wrote two quickie pieces. For those who don’t remember quickie fiction is fiction that is from 101 to 500 words. They are fun, fast tales that are really only one scene long.

The Writer’s Stuff group put up a couple of writers prompts using certain words to tell your tale or an image.  In the case of this week they did both. So here you go.


The Golden Glow of Home

Standing below the skeleton tree I looked up at the golden glow coming from the window. It had been too long since I left her side, wandering the world in search of my destiny. So many miles of road beneath my feet, yet my path brought me back here, ending up in the place I had started.

It had been winter when I walked away, the world blanketed in soft white that reflected the glow from her window. She had sent me away, angry at my choices. I swore then I would never return. Spring had found me far away, yet my heart harked back to that window, longing curling in my belly for her sweet face.

I fought my way through summer, splashes of red staining the bright green that flowed across fields. Men and boys dying meant less to me than the home I could have had. The song of a single bird echoed with my memories of home.

Fall called me back, the dying of the colors bringing memories of times lost. Finally I came back to where I started, standing here working up the courage to climb those stairs and ask if I could come home.

(this was from a image)

The second one had to be about weather, extreme or just what was up while you were writing. So here is what I wrote:

Spring is late

The skies were a blanket of gray as the first of the springtime storms opened up. The cold white flakes dropped out of the sky slower than the harsh storms of winter. Bits of greenery managed to poke above the thin crust of dirty ice that covered the ground. Searching for that tiny white bellflower known as snowdrops, just one clump of them and spring would be heralded once more. The winter was harsh, colder than the five moons of Pluto. Could there be just one clump growing in the shade of an elder pine? Yes! The first sign of spring, never mind those robins.

and finally over on Google there is a group called Writer’s Write. They give prompts from time to time. Yesterday I found one that was interesting. You needed to write two sentences using champagne, blossoms, graveyard, February and turkey…so this is what i have:

The champagne colored blossoms placed around the graveyard stood out as wrong in February. Even weirder was the complete turkey dinner sitting in front of the one tomb.

Lots of writing prompts are to be found on the web. From Google and Facebook you will find the easiest ones but there are many writing groups out there. Hopefully I will find more.

cover reveals for some collections

As you faithful readers know, I have been working on a number of collections of my work lately. Two of the books are for the short forms of fiction that I have been exploring this year. Between drabbles, those fun little one hundred word tales that have become popular lately to the new form called quickie fiction that are tales from 101 words to 500 words long, I decided to make collections of mine.

I am not sure just when they will be put out but expect them some time within the next couple of months.  Here re my working covers for these two collections.

reflections-in-drabble quick-flashes-of-fiction Now the cover for Reflections in Drabble was supposed to be in color but for some reason it came out in black and white…and you know…it works!

Next week I hope to have working covers for the other collections I am working on. And hopefully I will have an amazing cover for Escape, the first of the books of the League of Stars!