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Inspiration is on a holiday

Okay I have been very very very off the past month. I have done my editing for Mythos of Love, finished up some editing on an erotic fantasy and tried to work on fresh stories. But mostly I have been tossing around ideas for the cover for Mythos and oh boy….today  I opened up photo shop and started to work…what I came up with was in a word…horrible!  Here see what I mean

mythos-trash-cover I mean really? How bad can I be? Now as I was saving the file to show you folks how awful I was I realized that I had done a simple cover with one of my photographs all read.

mythos-of-love My brain must have been on a major fart or something. I did not remember making this!. Okay yes it could be better….the text should be changed, maybe take the messed up text work from the trash cover and use the image from this one? Who knows? But I have to figure this out in the next two weeks….wish me luck..I have a feeling I will need it this time around.


Annoyed with publishers

Okay normally I use this blog to just post up book covers and drabbles but i thought why not just blog about other things?

See as you know I have two publishers and I self publish a lot of what I write.  Well I had to contact both of my publishers over the weekend.  One of them was annoying but enlightening nd the other, well the other just ignored me yet again.

Just fiction is the publisher that owns my collection Gates.  I finally got through to them and found out they plan on holding onto my work for five years.  Yes I said five years!  Not at all what i expected.  See in the contract it stated if sales dropped below 50 my stories would come back to me.  Well according to them they don’t have to give them back unless they decide to and they have decided to keep them.  that annoyed me but on the upside they did tell me that I can publish 20% so I will be putting up Descents and the Last Moonset  as soon as I get covers made up.

As for my second publisher, Juicy Erotica, I was told I would be getting my payment of royalties.  Well that was  almost two weeks ago and guess what?  Still no payment.  So any of you who are interested in my erotic collection, Naughty Interludes?  Well don’t get it.  I am not getting paid for my work and I swear I am going to look into legal action soon if I don’t.

And onward to other things.  As we know I love Draft2Digital.  They are a great service and they pay promptly, get my stuff up to the four etailers they service and respond right away when you email customer service.  so I am not mad at them but I am wondering what the hell is up with Amazon and the titles pending.  Usually they post up in a day or so and we are almost a week since I put up three tales.  A week?  Most of use would say that isn’t so bad but I am wondering what the hell is up.  Should I email customer service or just wait a couple more days?  I just don’t know.

I will give it till my big 50 and then I will email them.  I plan on getting those covers done for all my pending stories.  Maybe having new stuff will perk back up my sales.  No one has bought a copy of anything in two weeks.  I was hoping to keep up the 45 sales a month but so far, nope.  Here is hoping.

lots of new projects and the trouble with computer

When your computer dies it can be difficult to finish what you should.  I have luckily kept my work where it belongs, backed up thumbdrives.  and I am very glad I had.

As you readers know I have been working on both Where Angels No Longer Tread and Whether to Safe Face or Family.  the edits came back on Angels and I got a recommendation to add in a chapter with more back story, so I am working on that now.   Can’t say it is flowing like I wanted but well it has been a bad week.

I would put up a bit but I can’t seem to access the file the right way here on this netbook.  So look for these additions soon


Pending fourth poetry book

Now I have been working on lots of things over the past few months.  I have released short stories, drabbles, flash fiction and even a poem or three.  Thing is I have one more collection I have put together that I haven’t posted up for sale yet.  As you can image poetry books are not an easy sell.  I have only sold a few of the three titles i have up all ready.  The books are a bit different since they include many of my better photographs.

Now this book, Generations of Love, is filled with my poems about family.  Hard for me to share those and harder for me to find the right images to go with each poem.  I need a few more to have this collection finished then i have to find the courage to put it out to the world to read.

But I have made a cover for it.  Nothing too fancy, just one of my photographs with the words on it but I like it.  Should I finish this book?  Should I put it out there for people to find someday?  Who knows but I am thinking about it.


A warm and wonderful afternoon

I was out walking around in the sun…yes me in the sun…and I managed to write some poetry.  Now these just might end up in the Seasons of my mind poetry collection but for now….


A Mid Summer day


The warmth seeps into my skin

the sun feeding a sense of rest

the wind blows softly

as I watch the water flow by


Summers longest day

came with brightness

awakening spirits

and every creature knows this


As I stand by the rock

I watch a bright blue lady bug

crawling toward me glittering

A smile on my sweaty face.


Yup that one will be in the Seasons book…it came to me very easily.  This one was a bit harder…could have been I was too hot.  I don’t have a title for this one yet…


Once Long Ago

I drifted on the water

Music at my side

Leafy shadows in my eyes


So long ago it seems

A mountain lake

filled my sense of wonder

letting me just be


Decades later

I stand by a creek

I think back

to that time of wonder


Where did the years go

back then I was a child

Now a woman grown

I can’t believe how much I have changed

Something a little different today

Today I thought instead of just doing my usual story snippet that I would put up one of the poems that will be in the new collection I am working on.  Just a simple musing…this book will be filled with musings…internal ramblings so to speak



Peace found,
then lost,
a moment of understanding
confusion forgotten

Late at night
sick in bed
it comes to me

All the struggle
all the tears
all the laughter
lead to one thing