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Excerpt from the WIP Escape



Yup thought I would put up an excerpt from my current work in progress. Now generally I put up a page over on Wattpad but that is from the beginning of the book.  Here is the most recent bit I am working on from chapter eighteen!…Yup I am that far into this attempt at space opera!


If you asked the Hunter later just what made him duck and swing about, he would toss off a remark about being the best of the best, but it was really a slight tingle along the back of his neck as if the hairs there were lifting. With the grace of a panther he slide under the swing of a long bone blade as it swept over his head. Spinning about, he narrowed his eyes, calculating before he pulled a hilt from behind his back. With a flick of his thumb the telescoping mono-serrated vibra-blade snapped out and he spun, aiming at a slice that should have opened the belly of whatever it was that attacked him.

Flickering between invisibility and solid form was a rare creature. Known only as Shades, they were one of three phase shifting humanoids that occupied this section of space. Hired generally as assassins, it was surprising to see one working as a guard for the pirate king. Easily seven feet of bone and muscle, they had natural weapons in the long bones of their forearms. Rumored to be stronger than the steel used to make starships, the bones could cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. With their native ability to phase in and out, they tended to not register on any sensor technology currently in use. Even the most advanced technology that the Hunters kept under wraps had difficulty detecting these aliens.

Each Hunter goes through training that most soldiers and assassins would find themselves washing out of in the first few months. Quirin had specialized for a time in hand-to-hand combat before moving onto the various forms of bladed weapons that could be wielded by the human form. His additional connection to Babe, gave him faster reflex times than any flesh and blood creature should have and that was what saved him this time. Like when he synced with the ship and became the ship, the place he went was intensely focused. He was no longer the amusing Quirin, he was the blade and death incarnate.

When the Shade managed to suck what little gut it had in and avoid the first slash, Quirin brought the blade back. Spinning the hilt in his hand and facing the blade once more at the creature. What followed was a series of slashes, leaps and flying drops of blood. The fight was nearly silent, the only sounds were the occasional grunt from Quirin and then an almost too high pitched to be heard shearing sound as his blade removed the Shade’s head from its shoulders.

He stood panting, looking down at his opponent. Pulling his mind back from the intense focus of the fight was taking him longer now than it did in his training days. The rush of endorphins and the hypersensitivity was addicting and the more a Hunter fought that way the more they had a chance to be lost to it. Babe’s voice filled his mind with soft, almost chants, soothing nonsense syllables that she had found would relax her mind partner and let him drop out of that fighter’s trance. “Come back to me, Quirin. We have a job to finish.”

A slow, lung expanding breath and his eyes closed briefly. Quirin nodded and hit the button, collapsing the blade back into the hilt. “Damn,” he sub-vocalized, “Babe, you seeing this?”

The body became solid when the head bounced across the hall, but as Quirin watched it slowly went to powder, sinking into itself till all that was left was a vaguely humanoid shaped pile of ash on the floor. He looked over to the head and watched as it did the same. “This would explain why there have been no studies done of these aliens, Quirin. Can you scoop up some of the ash?”


Quirin is becoming an interesting character for one that is not the hero of the piece right? Trying to do an older style of science fiction here.  This is a part of a series but the hero/heroine of each book does not move onto the next.  No, that is what Quirin does. He moves through space and books!  I like him and Babe, his AI computer with attitude.  Hopefully you readers will like him too!  Back to rescuing…yes that is what he is up to right now…saving the heroine…can’t believe I am making a more traditional heroine who needs to be saved but that happens right?


Working on a new tale in a different genre

After a year of writing mostly fantasy tales I decided it was time to switch over to a science fiction tale. Now of course it won’t be just science fiction. There are some mild fantasy elements and some erotic scenes. Yup I did it, I put some sex into my science fiction. Whether those scenes will make it through the final cut I have no idea.

Switch my mindset was not as easy as it could be. I took off a day or so after I released To Save Face or Family and then dove into editing what I had of Escape. One of the nice things about having a computer is that a lot of my old story ideas are safely stored and available when I want to work on them.

This tale was started about five years ago but well I moved to Canada and life got busy in a good way. As I read through what I had written I realized that I have a universe started that could work for a series of interconnected stories. Yup another series. Seems like I can’t stay away from them can I?

In fact the other story I plan on working on is The Price of Freedom which is set in the same universe as Escape. What will tie them together will be the League. I describe them like this in the opening of Escape:

The League grew out of a need. Runaway slaves, the traveling folk and those who had no power needed a voice. The League was formed much like the Rangers of the old west on the mother planet. A group of men and women who could be relied on to protect those who needed protection and who had the power to make the Masters pay for their crimes. In the thousand years since mankind left Mother Earth, the League has defended and protected humanity, be they dirt-sider, station rat, or ship-born, the League protects and defends. They have kept the depredations of the Masters to a small sector of human controlled worlds, they continue to do so today.

So that will be fun to write. I have a character in mind who will be a common thread in the two stories all ready mentioned. A League Hunter.

Now how about a excerpt from the opening of my newest tale? I haven’t given excerpts much lately so I thought why not?


Inside Shankman’s rest a voice swelled and captured the attention of those passing by. Full and masculine, it pulled people in and stirred things deep inside hearts that were locked down. He sang of sex and love and things that the Masters had outlawed. The listeners paired off and in smoky corners, broke the laws of the Masters by touching and caressing those not approved. His song was wild and rhythmic, full of power and need. The audience that wasn’t pairing off were all surrounding the stage where the tall, dark haired young man sang. Dressed in leather and silk, he mesmerized and teased. Both men and women looked at him like he was fresh meat. His song soared as he made love to the audience, giving them a light to their dark days and release. His eyes jumped from person to person, seeming to stroke them and tease them, but in reality searching for one person. He hid his worry and poured out more power into his words.

Dodging to the left, Caro ran faster, her sleek dancers body giving her the strength and stamina to stay ahead of her pursuers. The crowds parted as the Sweepers passed by. On Grail station, the Sweepers could take whom they wished and no one wanted to catch their eye. Most would aid the Sweepers, and as they saw them chasing the young dancer hands reached out to stop her. Caro slid to the side avoiding the merchant, then dropped down and slid under the arms that tried to catch her. She was almost to her destination. If she could make it to the other side of the concourse, she could hide from them in one of the many cubbies she had found. She spun and leapt and the hands slid away. Just a few hundred feet and she would be free and than she could get word to Adam. She made it to just outside the Shankman’s rest before she was hit with a tangle web. Crashing to the ground, she fought like a wild animal, cursing the men around her. “You damn cowards! Fight them, don’t let them take…” The nearest Sweeper tapped her shoulder with a stun rod causing her to scream in pain.

Just as he finished up his set, Adam heard the commotion outside. Grabbing up his bag from the side of the stage, he eased his way out of the reach of the fans and onto the concourse in time to hear the scream. His head whipped about as he recognized the voice begging for help. He pushed through the crowd and grabbed the rod before it could hit her again. The Sweeper stared at him for a long minute before reaching for his gun. Adam spun the rod and rammed it into the belly of the Sweeper. The creature let out a howl and collapsed to the amazement of the crowd. While everyone was stunned, he quickly scooped up the web-bound woman and shouldered his way past the crowd. For the first time one of the dreaded Sweepers was finding out just how their victims felt as the crowd roared and tore it apart.


Yeah this needs editing for things like commas but it gives you an idea how this novel starts. I want this to start out running and keep going. While I am more used to writing fantasy, I do know the things that make a good soft science fiction novel. You need star ships, aliens and of course action. I am not going to try to write something with a lot of science behind it because I am not a scientist. If you want more science than fiction then you need to go read the books of some of my esteemed indie friends who write find tales filled with science.

WIP excerpt from The Price of Freedom

Yup another work in progress.  I have over 150 of them after all and who knows when they will be finished. But this one is my science fiction novel that I will hopefully finish some time in the next year.


The Price of Freedom


The sisters all ran, each in a different direction.  None of them wished to be caught, to be used to bring in the others or to become a belonging.  It would have been different if they had parents still.  If their mother had lived and father had not been killed and uncle hadn’t seen a way out of his troubles.  Money he owed could be overlooked, forgotten for the price of four lovely young girls, all unique in their looks and powers.




They had all been born together, a rarity for the people.  Four tiny daughters brought forth from their mother’s womb with great pain.  One young father left with those daughters when his mate died.  He was a gentle, quiet man of the people.  He raised his daughters with love and understanding.  Never once did he blame the little girls for the loss of his mate.


The eldest, Druscilla, was the tallest and fast to anger.  She fought for the rights of her family, teaching those who tried to take advantage of them that she had hidden weapons that cut to the quick.  Her flame-red hair caught the attention of many but her fierce eyes made most males of the People nervous.  She was the leader of the sisters, often into trouble.


The next oldest, Chantrea, was the gentle one.  Her large, soft brown eyes captivated many of the young men their age.  She always had one of the small creatures about her.  She would care for the bird with the broken wing or the injured squirrel.   The three other sisters did their best to help her find training for her healing hands.  There was little money for a formal apprenticeship but the healer let her work with him as an assistant, teaching her when he could take time from his paying students.


The third sister, Tatum was the practical one.  Her black hair and green eyes were striking but more so was her sharp mind.  She schemed and plotted and helped her father keep her sisters fed.  When Druscilla’s temper got them all in trouble she would find a way to ease over the injured pride with wise words or a bribe if necessary.


The final sister was the wild one.  Where her oldest sister fought and grew angry quickly, little golden Arella was always running. She gloried in freedom and movement.  Always laughing, her eyes sparkled, her laughter was contagious.  She was fiercely protective of her sisters and father, loving with all her heart and rarely did she hold dark emotion.  Always she was willing to lend a hand when needed but rarely would she found doing those things that women were expected to do.  The tasks that were repetitive or slow were not for the wild child, though she could sit still if the task involved making beauty.  She had an eye for color and how they should be put together.

At it again or new book covers

Since I am putting up some free stuff over on WattPad I decided they needed good coves too.  I think this one has the feel of an old fashioned pulp magazine.  Hope you like it!