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Next pages or whoa what a minute

As i said last time I am working on an illistrated story right now. Not quite a web comic in style but not like most illistrated books either. I now have a total of nine psges written up and illistrated. They need to be inked and colored before i post them in my deviantart page.

As it was sorting through my drawings i noticed that i have enough partially done drawings of dragons to do another story, who knows I might just start a series of these things.

Now here are some quick photos of the upcoming pages Not in any order…so if you want to read it you will need to go to my deviantArt page. Just look for suteko-williamson.

Okay only one more here but I am working on the inkung and  ore drawings. I promise this will be much better looking soon.


Some dribbles and drabbles

Thought I would just give you readers more little fun bis to read


Gentle Morning

Water droplets glisten on the down turned petals of sapphire blue. The sun is cupped gently by one of those blossoms and I watch as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. The sky, shades of umber, cinnabar and gold, slowly brightening once more as night becomes day again.


My imagination

On the seas of my mind sail ships with full sails. The amber sky is filled with moons the color of umber and below the sea is an ocean of stars. The single dolphin laughs in the green waters filling my imagination. Care to come and swim in that sea?


Night music

She sits in the dark, violin in her hand, light glinting blue off her hair and instrument. She came to the city to learn to play yet was turned out into the night. Now as the forest claims the streets, she plays music unearthly in beauty. Can you hear her?


The Oak and the Ivy

Brothers and sisters listen to my tale of love and magic. Deep in the golden wood if you pay attention you just might see them. The Lord Oak who holds in his strong brown arms the flexible Ivy. He holds her strong and tight as she wraps him in the vines of her hair. Slowly they delve into each other but in the end only one will survive. Wile the mighty Oak win or will the wily Ivy take him down to the ground? You have only to look and you will see them loving the day away. Can you?


Walking the bridge between here and where?

The fog is too thick to see past. The road continues on, the bridge is the only path I can take. I know not where I will go but I must follow this path. Will they be on the other side? Did he wait for me like he promised?

When I started this quest the world was bright and filled with laughter but as time moved on I lost touch with those who made me smile. Now I just want them back. I have walked this path so long, will it never end?


An excerpt from a new story idea

Yes folks I have been writing. As I have commented before I have had trouble working on one thing at a time and I have been bouncing between many bits and pieces over the past few weeks. Much of my notes have yet to be typed up but well these things happen. So how about I give you folks a new story idea? I have for years wanted to do a character who are born mute.

I am not saying she is deaf, because she is not. She simply has no voice with which to speak. She can see and hear but in a fantasy world how would one grow and what would you become if you could not speak? Could you do magic? Well here is the bit I have down now.


Running on swift and silent feet through the dark streets, Rebecca darted down a side street and slowed. Those chasing her were fiercely loyal the their masters. They would do anything they could to wipe her from existence.

She was the last of her family and the last of her kind. At a full head shorter than the average woman, Rebecca looked like a girl just coming to womanhood. She kept her hair shorn close to her head. The dark curls were hidden under the same scarf that hid her dark skin. The invaders of her home were tall and pale-skinned with eyes that glowed red at all times. When they first came to the city the gate watch had thought they were just a new batch of the northerners come to trade furs for the scented wood of the Cinnabar trees. They were so very wrong.

She only needed to run a few more streets and she would finally be able to do finish. She would be able to do what they had started out to do. Whether it would work she wasn’t sure. She was alone now, all the others had fallen, but she had to try.


This little bit is from a tale I have tentatively titled Muted Freedom. No she isn’t a princess or a warrior. She is something else. I plan on a cross between a priestess and a dancer. For that is how she speaks. She dances her devotion to her gods and to her people. No this tale is not making a comment about race. Yes the villain are pale skinned but they are not white in the traditional sense. They are the white of dead bones, not the healthy color of northerners.

Yes it is sad that I will have to make sure to clearly type that. But that is what authors do. We write. We write characters of many typs. And I will continue to write characters as I see them. No matter the current political correctness that people expect writers to do if they want to sell.

Chapter two of Sins of the Father

Last week I put up the first chapter of my most popular story ever, Sins of the Father. yes it is a fan fiction but any tale that continues to get daily downloads for over a decade later has to be good right? So for your reading pleasure, chapter two



Genma explains


How did you get in trouble this time?

Akane and Ranma returned to the Dojo to find a puzzled Soun sitting outside waiting for them. “Ahh, Ranma. Your father wishes to speak to you. He said to go upstairs when you got back.” Akane and Ranma exchanged glances and both headed for the stairs, with a quick stop in the kitchen for hot water. They found Genma sitting on the neatly rolled up futon. He was still in his human form. He looked up when he heard the door open.

“Ranma, good.” He waved for the teenagers to enter. “You too, Akane.”

They sat on the floor facing Genma. “So what’s up, Pop. Who is that girl?”

Genma nervously cleared his throat and started. “Ranma, my boy, I’m not exactly sure who she is but I’ll tell you who I think she is.” He looked up at the ceiling and took the traditional storyteller’s stance. “When I was a young man, I was popular. Not quite as popular as Ranma here, but I had my share of dates.” Ranma snorted. Akane jabbed him in the ribs and Genma ignored the two and continued. “Six months before I married your mother, I was dating a young woman by the name of Atsuko Fukushuu.” His face took on a slightly glazed look. “She was lovely and sweet and a good martial artist.” The glazed looked changed into a wince as the picture of the beautiful girl smiling at him changed into an enraged woman bashing him the head with a bokken. He shook his head and continued. “We were inseparable up until my parents reminded me of my engagement to Nodoka.” Genma looked at his hands. “One evening we attended a party held by some friends of her family from America. It was a fun party with lots of games and one of those was a American drinking game. We used Sake instead of the traditional beer. After one too many cups of sake, I lost my wits. Atsuko and I went off alone, and.. well… we…” Genma trailed off.

“‘We’ what? Come on Pop, whatch ‘a do?”

“Umm, we let nature take it’s course.” Genma face turned a bright red.

Ranma snorted. “You let nature take it’s course! Ha!” Akane shushed Ranma with a shove.

Genma coughed and continued. “The next morning we awoke with serious headaches and no clear memory of what happened. We parted, ashamed, and went to our separate homes. That very morning I met your mother face to face.” Genma eyes glazed over once more as he remembered that meeting. “A few days later I broke the news of my engagement to her gently. She took the news rather well, I think.” Flash back to Genma being hit over the head.

“Did you ever hear from her again, Mr. Saotome?”

“No. She and her family moved to America not long after the break up. I heard her father had inherited some land from a distant relative in the northeastern part of the country.” He paused a moment. “I haven’t thought about her in the past seventeen years.”

“So there’s a good chance that this girl is really my sister then, Pop,” asked Ranma in a low, quiet voice.

Genma squirmed a bit before answering. “Yes, Ramna, there’s a chance that she’s your sister.”

Ranma thought for a moment. “Why does she look so much like me?”

“She looks a bit like her mother,” answered Genma.

“Really?” Ranma asked. “Was her mother related to Mom?”

Genma looked thoughtful for a moment. “Yes, I believe they were fifth cousins or something like that.”

The room was quiet for a moment as the news settled into the minds of those sitting there. “So your telling me that you were dating one girl and you were engaged to another?” Ranma was starting to glow just a little. Genma responded without thinking.

“Yes, that’s true. I didn’t know at first that they had family in common.”

“But still you were dating one girl and ‘knew’ that you were engaged to mom, right.”

Genma looked a bit ashamed at that. He knew where Ranma was going with this. He tried to stall. “I didn’t remember……”

Ranma leapt up and loomed over his father, his head sprouting horns like Soun’s would when he was mad. “YOU FORGOT!!!! YOU JERK!” BAP!!! Genma went soaring out of the house through the roof. Akane looked at Ranma in surprise. He sounded just like her when he said that.

“Ranma,” Akane started, “you didn’t let him finish.” Ranma just stood there breathing fast. Akane tried again, speaking softly. “Ranma.” She reached out a placed a calming hand on Ranma’s arm. “Are you OK?”

After a few moments Ranma took a deep breath and turned to Akane. “Do you believe that old fool. Coming down on me all this time about you and the others and he did the same thing, only worse! I never….”

“What do you mean only worse! He only had two fiancées, you’ve got the gods know only how many.” Akane started too pull back her arm to punch him.

“I have never, ever, had two girls from the same family or slept with one” Ranma reminded Akane.

“I know,” Akane dropped her fist. “Your right. Let’s go find him and get the rest of this out of him.” Akane pulled on Ramna’s arm to get him moving.

“When I find him he better explain everything or else. How could he do that to that poor girl? What’s her name? Atsuko? I thought he was better than that.”

“I don’t know. Maybe training with Happosai did it. You know how much of a pervert he is.”

“Yeah, well maybe.” Ranma replied as they set out to find out where Genma came down.


Genma came down from Ranma’s punch just outside of DR Tofu’s clinic. After he picked himself up he wandered inside. Dr. Tofu was just coming out of his examining room with a patient.

“Now just relax today. Your shoulder should be fine. Just try to stretch more before doing those pitches next time. Check back with me if it doesn’t feel better.” Dr. Tofu patted the baseball player on the back and turned to see who is next patient was. He smiled when he saw Genma standing, well leaning against the wall. “Good day Mr. Saotome. Having trouble with your neck today?” Genma just winced and followed him into the examination room.


Suteko stopped running after a few blocks. “Lost them, easily enough. Time to check in.” She walked around until she spotted a pay phone outside a small store. As she walked up she pulled a phone card out of her pocket and punched in a long series of numbers. After a few minutes she spoke. “Hi, mom. Found him.” She listened for a moment. “Nerima. Tomorrow morning. OK. See you then. Bye” She smiled and hung up the phone. Genma Satome was going to get more than he expected tomorrow morning.


The chapters for this tale get longer as the story moves along. I promise it gets better!

Cover and excerpt from When Winter Comes Roaring

Yup I haven’t done this in a bit.  Now that my desktop is working correctly I can do excerpts again!  First lets show you what I have for the cover.

winter-comes  Another of my photographs is the what I used for the background.  When you live in Canada you can get a lot of really awesome winter shots of course.  Does this feel cold enough for you?  Well this is a fun little tale with my take on Jack Frost even!  Not sure if I will be listing this has horror, fantasy or faery tale.  Well here is the excerpt!


In the darkness the snow fell slowly.  The quiet of the deep night and snow held the world in a hush that was suddenly broken by a single note.  Once the note drifted off to silence there was a rustle of cloth and a slither as the snow parted.  It was midwinter night and the moon rode high in the sky.


Midwinter, the longest night of the year, held a magic all its own.  On this one night magic was set loose and secret beings awaken for that one night of wonder and mischief.  Fires are banked in homes large and small or so they used to be in the times gone by.  In the turning of the wheel of the year many legends had come and gone and those who kept to the old ways grew less and less.




Jackie looked about before he slipped from his hidey-hole.  Winter had come late this year but it seemed that the storm overhead was doing its best to make up for being late.  He shook his head and sighed.  While the humans blamed him for winter he was just in charge of the frost that decorated their windows with lace.  He was the herald of the end of the growing season, telling them to get their harvests in before Father Winter woke up.  Well this year he woke up with a vengeance.


Sliding across the thin layer of ice, Jackie went from home to home.  Inside most of them he could see families tucked up with their heat cranked high, modern things that kept them warm even on the coldest day but he had a feeling that would not help them soon.  Father Winter was angry, he could feel it.


Humanity had been ignoring the world, in their self-absorbed way, for far too long in the view of most elementals.  Destruction followed wherever they went and the natural world was swiftly tilting out of true.  Mother Earth was slowly returning to her winter slumber and darker beings would control the face of the world they shared.  Jackie knew that if Father Winter had his way the world would be plunged into a long ice age that would kill off the pests that infested his realm.


Jackie though liked the humans.  He played with the young ones, teased the newly adult young women and planted beauty on the windows of the homes he passed.  While he was a part of Father Winter’s court, it was that time between autumn and winter that he truly lived.  When the sun would break through the cold darkness and make the frosty paintings he left sparkle that was his favorite time.


Sliding around a long bend in the road he slowed down.  Here was a tiny hamlet; a small grouping of homes where it seemed time had skipped lightly over them.  This handful of houses could have been lifted up and dropped into place a hundred years ago and they would still fit.  They all huddled together about a central park that was properly prepared for the upcoming winter weather.  Draped in soft tinsel and handmade ornaments they villagers were obviously looking forward to the coming winter holiday.  This was where he wanted to be but not quite.  There was one more home that was set away from the park, a short distance down the road.  That one house set back and away from the rest of this little hamlet was somehow brighter and cozier than the other homes in this village.

Excerpt from finished work

Okay I have been doing a lot of fun stuff lately.  Finished up a lot of work makes for a very happy writer for sure.  So I thought why not give you an excerpt of Shadows On A Wall


Shadows On A Wall

A Death Walks Through short story

By Lisa Williamson


When a strong enough explosion happens those too close are vaporized in less than a breath.  Those victims go from living, breathing beings to shadows on a wall.  Their entire physical form is obliterated and the only sign that they were there is a shadow.


Though the bodies are destroyed the souls that once inhabited those bodies become lost.  Some were lucky and were trapped only a short time.  Families would come and release those they could.  Sometimes the souls would lose their grip as time wore away that final link to their past.  There are a unlucky few that have no family to release them and time has left those walls, those images behind to chain them to the place that they do not understand has disappeared.  These souls drift in the burnt out crater of what once was a beautiful city.  Eighty years ago they lost their lives but they did not have time to understand that they had.


Death’s realm is just between one life and the next.  So many trapped souls in one place was difficult for even Death to help.  One by one Death found ways to move along those trapped by that massive tragedy.  The misconception of the living was that he attended each and every death.  That He took your soul cruelly before the time you thought you should die.  Death is a kind being, he tries his best but sometimes he needs help.




Death stood on the rim of the crater and shook his head.  There in the twilight land between life and death lingered souls that knew not that they had crossed over.  Frozen unlike any others he had encountered in the centuries of mankind.  Humanity had progressed to new levels of destruction that made his job harder. Where once battles left him with a handful of souls to help this new form of war had trapped thousands in the moment of brilliant light and heat.


The suffering and agony he felt emanating from those souls overwhelmed even his stoic heart.  Here was a battlefield like no other, for the simple push of a button has destroyed more than he had ever seen.  One minute there had been men, women and children and the next his land was flooded with thousands of souls not realizing they were no longer among the living.

WIP Guess Who’s coming to Thanksgiving Dinner

I decided to do something lighter than my usual and I am not sure how it is going but here is an excerpt


Dinner was just about ready when one of my busboys came in.  Calling Hershel a boy was a bit of a stretch.  Ya see his people don’t have sexes, not really but what can you expect from a race evolved from Broccoli.  Okay something that looks like broccoli.  He was a great busboy but keep him away from the salad.  I mean it; you don’t want to know what he does!


Well Hershel told me that the tables were all set and that my guests had arrived.  “Guests? What guests?”  After pulling the turkey from the oven and putting the rolls into bake I wiped my hands and pushed my way through the swinging doors.


“Hey there big brother!”  I stopped in shock as I spotted not just Mikey but the whole damn clan!  I mean there was Mikey, Johnny, Whitey and little sister Sarah.


I stood with my jaw hanging as I counted heads.  There were the brothers, their spouses and kids, all standing just outside my galley.  Twenty-seven McHards from all over and I was in shock.  My jaw dropped further when a voice I had never thought to hear from again spoke up.


Pushing her way past tall and short cousins, brothers, sister in laws, nieces and nephews was the grand dame of the clan, Mary Margaret Gillcrest McHard, She had not left the homestead for as long as I could remember.  Told me when I went off to space that I was disowned.


“Grandma Mary?”


She came toward me and took my hands.  Looking me up and down, she shook her head and sighed.  “Thirty years boy.  Thirty years and you never come back and visit?”


I tried to say something but my jaw just flapped.  She grinned and wrapped her arms about me and hugged me like I was still the little boy at her knee.  “Lord above we missed you, boyo.  So show me this kitchen I have heard so much about.”


I let her lead me about just like I had when I was a sprattling and she was the head of the homestead.  She had been pushing one hundred back then and I never expected to see her again once I left home.  I mean yeah we are a long lived bunch but she was well past the age that put you in the dirt.


She was still spry, I could tell by her step.  Yes she leaned on a cane but she should have been in a rocking chair on a porch back home, not stomping her way across the deck to my kitchen.  I managed to catch up and open the doors to my sanctum sanctorum before she bustled through.  I waved off the rest of the clan, leaving them in the hands of my busboys to get settled down around the tables.  Okay might not have been wise to leave my clan to mingle with the incoming space station staff but what was I do to?


Grandma Mary stepped through and paused as she took in the gleaming palace of culinary delights I had put together over the years of working on the station.  She smiled and then went from place to place, Checking a pot here, nodding at the ovens there.  I was both proud and nervous.  This one tiny woman had taught me the basics of my craft so many years ago.  What would she think of the equipment that was far from what she used back home.


After a long moment she turned and smiled.  “My boy you have done well haven’t ye?”  She gestured at the simmering pots and nodded.  “Everything is nearly ready isn’t it?”  She started toward my quarters to take a look.


See I have everything in one place.  Kitchen,, hydroponics and of course my sleeping space are all in the same place.