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Writing what form today?

As you readers know I do a lot of different stuff. From short stories to novellas to novels to poems to drabbles and flash ficiton. Trouble with this is at times i am not sure where I want to do on a given day. Should i do this or that or what?

I started just last week making up teasers for my novels. Those are basically images with a bit of your book either to the side or embedded in the image and a link to your book.

Last week I posted up the one for Traveler and this week I have one for Endings…but I think i need to do something different for the next ones…instead of the cover i need a sexy image right?


So today I will be working on something different, once I get all my blogs up-to-date. With blog monday, teaser tuesday, first pages wednesday and marketing friday…I realized i skipped thursday…oh wait that is supposed to be throw back thursday…hmmm…what can I do? How about older poems with images from that time?

Here is the first one. This poem is from my Generations of Love collection.



Teasers…or opps it isn’t tuesday

Yeah I know I am a day behind on this but I had some trouble with this new feature. See one of the things a lot of authors are doing is something called a teaser. This is different from your blurb or cover reveal. Usually you will have an image with a bit from inside the book. A short excerpt. This is my first attempt so it isn’t perfect but I will be making up a bunch of them over the next month for each of my novels and novellas.


Hopefully these will work.