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Elsi’s Tale page eleven



Elsi’s tale page nine


Elsi’s Tale page three


Shaman Tales, bird shaman, page


Shaman Tales, Bird shaman, page two

I won’t say that every page of this illustrated tale is of the same quality but I did have fun drawing it. Enjoy


Shaman Tales, Bird Shaman, page one

Well, time for a new tale. The Shaman Tales are going to be about a shaman learning secrets from the various animals. I started with the birds, which I had a lot of fun drawing. Some of the pages are really great and others? I am not the best artist but I am trying. Enjoy.



Sorry readers had a few sick days and then got a nasty computer virus that my hubby had to fix. So I will be putting up the last two pages of Shell World. I have another story I will start up in the next blog post. Enjoy!


I know being smaller is harder to read but I believe if you click you should be able to enlarge.