Yeah I missed doing this last week. When the humidity goes up your writer/poet/blogger goes down. I have trouble doing anything when the humidity is through the roof. So I am making up for it this week with five letters. Enjoy!

This first one is almost twenty years old! and yes the name on the copy right was from before I got divorced and remarried.



Strum the strings
play the notes
lift he mind
from the trap within

Sing to the heart
find the soul inside
join the two together
and let vision  rise

© Lisa Prior, 1998


Again this next one is from 1998..I really had just taken up writing poems at that time. So they are well…intense


My love gave me wings
and taught me to fly
I took to the sky
In wonder and pride

But I looked back
to see him gone
somewhere beyond
and I crashed to the ground

Where did he go?
My love so true
Did he want to go?
Or was he torn away?

Now I search on the ground
I search from the air
but not a sight I find
Did some creature pull him to it’s lair?
© Lisa Prior, 1998


Okay this one is terrible, I admit it. When I decided to work on poetry by the letters I couldn’t think of something for X…well I wrote this, not realizing at the time that I misspelled zygote!



What an odd word you are
your meaning is obscure
to most of the world
but for a special few

How important you are
little xygote
the beginning of life
of all animal life

the question remains
to so many out there
are you little xygote
really a man


another older one


You and me

You and me

We are meant to be

Or so I thought

And I try to hold that thought

You and me

So very special it seemed

We found a missing part in each other

And held on so very tight

But things change

And you are going away from me

Leaving me to wonder

If we will ever be you and me again

Lisa Prior © 2000


This last one is part of my Generations of Love poetry collection. Just a snapshot of a moment in my daughter’s life



It was so hot
the sun beating down
as she dragged us around
from Camels to Polar bears

But how could we say no?
How would we say stop?
Her little face alight
laughter echoing in the air

The joy on her face
matched the wonder on yours
a father long denied
with his baby at the zoo

Lisa Williamson © 2012


Poetry is a difficult thing to be read and write. I try to just do brief moments of time in my free verse. Feelings put to a few simple words. Some like to think they are deep but they are just an expression of the emotions I feel at that time. If you enjoyed my poetry you can find my collections all over the web. I am working on another but it may be a while before I put one out. I have just so much time and so many projects to work on. Enjoy.