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How about an excerpt fragment?

Yup this week I am giving you an excerpt. Here you go. This cae to me in a dream…like so many of my tales.


Pain overwhelming. Dust, shadows and a deep voice trying to get her attention. Breathing was hard but suddenly the pressure eased, lifted from ribs, causing a brief flash of white heat that faded quickly. The first full lung of air cause a harsh cough. She felt a gentle hand slip behind her head and then something against her lips. A swallow of stale tasting water eased the cough.

A few breaths later she opened her eyes to look into a pair of dark blue eyes filled with concern. “Better?” A deep yet soft voice asked her.

She nodded once before closing her eyes and wincing. “Where?”

Adam looked about. The room they were trapped in was dark and close. Before the explosion he had been on the third flour office of his booking agent. The pale woman lying broken on the floor had just came in and then everything went to hell. “Basement, I’m thinking.”

She started to sit up when her body demanded she not move. At her grasp he gently pressed her back. “I wouldn’t move if I were you. Till help gets here.”

Sharna took a shuddering breath and nodded. Taking stock of her body, the pain settled back to a few very loud points. Right shoulder, ribs and lower left leg. She felt the bones shift in leg and chest but there was an almost numb feeling to the shoulder. Along with the throbbing pain she could feel the warm tickle of blood running down her face.

She opened eyes and looked over her companion. He was battered and bloodied too but had the luck of being in a mostly clear patch. Other than a quickly darkening bruise on one side of his face, he looked good. The throbbing was making focusing hard. She knew his name. It sat on the end of the tongue but she couldn’t say it. “What happened?”

Adam settled back with a hidden wince. His own injuries where less visible than the woman trapped with him. Pieces of the table they had been seated about had embedded into his chest and side. The worst was just above the hip. It made movement very ginger. Do you remember the lawyer?”

Closing her eyes for what felt like mere moments Sharna dredged up a vague man’s face. Round, balding with pasty and sweaty skin. “Sorta…he worked for the…um…” her brow creased as she tried to remember.

Taking pity on her Adam answered. “He supposedly was one of the label’s lawyers. There to work out a contract for us.” Her continued puzzled look made him continue. “The label wanted to renegotiate for more songs or something.”

He smiled as a bit of recognition stated to form in the dazed eyes.



Dreams have always been a source of inspiration for me. Many of my stories and novels have started out as a bit of a dream that I remembered. They may start out one thing but they become something else quickly as I write. Below I have a collection of short short fictions and poetry that have the theme of dream.


Dreams of silver

I got a gift
a ring so fine
I put it on
thinking you were mine

As it grew warm
my heart did soar
for you loved me well
as your note did tell

But after I got it
you started to grow cold
like I did something wrong
when I put it on

You say it is nothing
just things you can’t say
for fear of hurting
but are you going away?

I stare at the ring
that enwraps my finger
like you are wrapped around my soul
and wonder if I am just dreaming
dreams of silver



Long night,
quiet nights,
wishing on a star.

Living for a dream,
dreaming of a life,
with a sweet love.


Dreams 2

My dreams are so strong,
I close my eyes and they come,
images of another life,
one of you and I.

When my eyes are open,
the real world crashes down on me,
living without you,
there is nothing I wish to see.


Dreams on the Wind

I sat beneath the tree, watching dreams drift by. Crystalline globes filled with images that never have been but just might be. Watched them float on the unfelt breeze, moving toward those who needed them. Simple desires and wild flights of fancy filled them, each with a destination. No longer held in the boughs of my tree, they leave this place, going places I will never be. I wonder if maybe if I lie down and dream, will I join them in a new world. I wonder if I really want to. I can’t decide so I sit and watch.


Dreaming in grass

The sun is so warm, the grass so green. Lying here I rest my eyes for a little, just letting the world fill me with its wisdom. You told me that I could not do it, could not feel the life around me.

Why did you think that? Was it my red lips or the color on my lids? It doesn’t matter because your were wrong. The tall reeds of the field tickle my skin as I let my mind drift down into the deep, dark earth. Nothing you can say will take from me my connection to the world.


Just the shortest forms of speaking of dreams.

Some dribbles and drabbles

Thought I would just give you readers more little fun bis to read


Gentle Morning

Water droplets glisten on the down turned petals of sapphire blue. The sun is cupped gently by one of those blossoms and I watch as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. The sky, shades of umber, cinnabar and gold, slowly brightening once more as night becomes day again.


My imagination

On the seas of my mind sail ships with full sails. The amber sky is filled with moons the color of umber and below the sea is an ocean of stars. The single dolphin laughs in the green waters filling my imagination. Care to come and swim in that sea?


Night music

She sits in the dark, violin in her hand, light glinting blue off her hair and instrument. She came to the city to learn to play yet was turned out into the night. Now as the forest claims the streets, she plays music unearthly in beauty. Can you hear her?


The Oak and the Ivy

Brothers and sisters listen to my tale of love and magic. Deep in the golden wood if you pay attention you just might see them. The Lord Oak who holds in his strong brown arms the flexible Ivy. He holds her strong and tight as she wraps him in the vines of her hair. Slowly they delve into each other but in the end only one will survive. Wile the mighty Oak win or will the wily Ivy take him down to the ground? You have only to look and you will see them loving the day away. Can you?


Walking the bridge between here and where?

The fog is too thick to see past. The road continues on, the bridge is the only path I can take. I know not where I will go but I must follow this path. Will they be on the other side? Did he wait for me like he promised?

When I started this quest the world was bright and filled with laughter but as time moved on I lost touch with those who made me smile. Now I just want them back. I have walked this path so long, will it never end?


Remember these?