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Why do entertainment shows never mention when the great writers die?

Today the great Tanith Lee passed away. Yet another great fantasy/science fiction author has passed away. We have lost a master of the form who influenced many of us who are authors today in the genre. But if you watch entertainment shows it is rare that the passing of a great like Ms Lee is mentioned, even in passing.

The son of an actor, the grandchild of a singer, these are commented on but a great in one of the most popular genres of fiction and there is nothing. I had found out about her passing like I have so many other amazing writers over the past decade, via Facebook or other social platforms.

I am not saying that it is wrong to mention the family of singers or actors, but writers put the words we all use in many ways. From books that get turned into movies/tv shows, to songwriters who put the words to our lives, to poets, screen writers and playwrites  have to acknowledge them.

Ms Lee wrote over 90 novels and over 300 short stories, was credited for two episodes of Blake 7…why do I not see her mentioned on these shows instead of yet another reality star scandal? It is so sad!


Some poetry by the ABCs

Okay for a bit now I have thought why not put up some poems each week. I have a lot (at last count well over 300) so why not right? This week I offer you three…A..B..C of course


Another Day ©2006

lovely relaxed time
curled up in warm blankets
no one needing me

longed for
searched for
only found in short stretches

why cant I find it
why do I have to move
I want more



strong and kind,
eyes so deep
you drown

walking on two legs
voice so soft
you lean in to listen

Silken hair
feathering soft against your fingers
jeans so tight
you wonder why he wore them

He knows what he is
what the effect will be
but he hides the knowledge
so you will come, at ease

Lisa (Prior) Williamson © 1999

(okay I wrote this one before i got remarried)



Clouds in the sky,
white and high,
I wish they were dark and low.

Clouds to match my mood,
to match the feeling in my soul,
left alone,
without you.

(from January 2010)


Yes I wrote all of these before I remarried. And no I am not this depressed any more.

Hope you are having a great Victoria day my friends!poe

Okay lets try again..or whoops put the post on the wrong blog!

Yup. I thought I was posting my flash fiction over here for you to read and what did I do? I put it over on my Suteko writing blog. Bad Lisa!

So instead how about I post up some of my poetry? After all I have four collections of poetry out there and I have so many more that have not been published as of yet. So here you can enjoy some of the odd little bits that come out of my mind. Just a reminder that most of my poetry came out of dark times of my mind (Hey that might work for a title!) so I am not this depressed really!


Life choices

Life is full of choices,
those taken,
and those not,
to live is to chose.

You came to me one day,
and held a hand,
but I was afraid,
to take the gift.

But you stayed,
waited for my wounded heart,
and finally I took your gift,
and now my choices are made.


Tiger Kitten ©2006

Once a little kitten
now a strong tiger you are
lashing out when annoyed
so very often lately

Once a happy playful kitten
open as the sky
now the master of sarcasm
with claws you rarely hide

Angry at times for reason
others for none at all
relax lady tiger
you will always have your home

Defensive of your family
yet fighting them all the time
try a little peace my kitten
everything is all right


Okay this last one was written as part of a book for the heroes that died during the wild fires back in 2013. I wrote a lot of poetry for collections to raise funds for families during the wild year of 2013.

True Heroes

You came with the call
dove into the fight
flames burning all around
and you continued your duty

Your brave souls surrendered
in an inferno unimmaginable
we honor your courage
yet wish it wasn’t so

Your families mourn you
as does a nation proud
of the men and women who do their best
to tame the wildfires mad

How about some short fiction today?

Been busy doing so many other things. With a new tablet to play with and my ereader working again I have been reading. But I have a lot of short fiction that I think you readers could enjoy. So here you go.

Day Song

By Lisa Williamson

I sit, on this man made peak, singing to the sky. I must sing, for I am the herald of the morning. My voice calls the sun from its slumber, bringing forth the new day. Slowly, the gray clouds part, letting a hint of the blue sky through.

But wait, they are closing back up! I sing louder, pour more energy into my notes. The day must break; the sun must rise! I take a deeper breath and sing the song that Mother told me was sacred. The notes pure agony to my throat, but I keep singing them. Finally as the last sound seers my tender throat the clouds break and the sun bursts through, lighting the sky into day once more. My job complete, I tumble from my perch, another will have to take up my post tomorrow.


And how about a drabble or two?

The fire burns slowly, melting the snow on the ground. I move closer, shivering from the cold. This night is the one I have waited for, for so long. Watching the skies for that single sign that will tell me that it is time. Winter has gone on to long, stretching out for longer than any living can remember.

There above the slowly brightening sky I see it. The bright tail of light racing across the sky makes the time of change. Soon we will be free of this never ending cold, soon spring will return. Will she be gentle?


Hiding in the Lace

By Lisa Williamson

Do you see me, hiding here under the blossoms? This thing they call Queen Anne’s lace is just perfect for hiding under. Why do they call it that I wonder? Who is this Anne person and what is lace? To me it is the perfect place to hide from hunters. Delightfully fragrant and cool, the best place to rest on a hot afternoon. And let me tell you about the taste! Tender and fruity with a touch of something that I can’t explain. Why not try a bit? I am sure you will like it, even if you are human.

A bit of a tease for what I am working on

Yup, I have really been working on things. Loralil has been telling me her tales again. She needs more to be told of course. I have so many tales to be told in her lifetime and I can honestly say that this is the only character where I have put together a time line. Here is a very very rough breakdown with the possible titles:

Time line for the Adventures of Loralil Greyfox

Early years

Endings   (published) (Saga of Loralil Greyfox)

Revenge   (published) (Saga of Loralil Greyfox)

A Fragile Peace (currently working on this two part tale, books tentatively titled Found and Broken)

New Hero

Birth of a Hero

Chance encounter

Adventuring partners (this will be a series of tales set with her long time partner)


It’s Just a Job

Death Comes in Many Forms


A new Place

A New Voice

Master of Darkness

There are other bits that I plan on writing but these are tales that have been started. Now for the excerpt. This little bit is from when Loralil and her companions stop for the night in the city of Greymer:

“My stable boy tells me that you need the suite?” The innkeeper was a reedy looking man with a gap between his front teeth and an off white apron stretching over his round belly.

Karleen nodded. “Just for the night, my good innkeeper.”

The man looked over Karleen and then turned his attention to Loralil. “You are lucky. My girl is straightening it up as we speak. The one night will come with a meal in the common room for…fifteen silvers.”

Loralil opened her mouth to protest, but closed it quickly. Karleen had stepped up close to the innkeeper and thumped a finger against his chest. “That is pure robbery and you know it. You will take ten silvers and send up three trays with fresh food in an hour.”

Stuttering, the man took a step back and then looked over her shoulder and nodded. “Yes, mame. Please follow me.”

Loralil turned her head and nodded at Levy who lowered his hand. Sometimes a simple threatening move was all that was needed. While she would have just left the Sleeping Kelpie for a better and less expensive room, she understood not letting the man think he could gouge them on the price. Even ten silvers were too much for a place like this. As they followed the man up the stairs to the third floor she looked about. The inn was typical of its kind. Old, yet solid and at least on the surface clean. Being so close to the river there was a bit of mold in the corners where the maids had not quite scrubbed it clean.

“Here is the suite. I will send the girls up with your trays once you are settled in.” The man quickly turned and eased his way past Levy, trying to hide his fearful tremor.

Levy waited till the door shut before he let out a quiet laugh. “Damn me but that was fun.”

Karleen shook her head. “I had it handled, Levy. You didn’t need to frighten the man with your light show.”

“Yeah, well.” Levy looked about the room. While he had stayed in better rooms, he admitted that he had stayed in worse. The room they were standing in was ten feet by fifteen. There was a faded rag rug on the floor and matching curtains covering the window. The bed against the wall on the right was covered in a patchwork quilt and there was a chest between it and the open door on the left. Stepping toward that doorway he leaned in. “Looks like I better take this one. It is a single bed in there.”

Loralil silently put the bundles down and shrugged off her cloak. It mattered little to her if she slept on a bed or on the floor. She moved to look out the window to find it looked out on the river. The setting sun caused sparkles to run along the water and she could see smaller craft moving toward the docks. As the darkness started to take over she saw the less pleasant inhabitants of Greymer coming out. The Ratmen who worked as night porters, the bone and rag men and of course those who dealt in the less than legal.


Simple scenes like this are a great way to build up the world you are writing in. I have moved much further along of course. This is the most recent bit I wrote. We never seem to see the results of all those sword fights in books. I put in this bit just because it was needed:

Loralil gasped and struggled upright, blankets tangling around her legs as she did so. Her hand flew to her thigh and the empty sheath there. It took a few moments before the roaring in her ears cleared enough for her to hear voices.

“Easy there, little dove. You are safe.”

She blinked repeatedly and let her hand go to her head. The sparkles in her vision told her she had a head injury. She had taken a few of them before and knew that if she moved slowly her vision and hearing would clear up. Licking her lips, she took a deep breath and then forced her tensed muscles to relax. As her vision cleared she saw Jark standing before her. The lithe swordsman held his empty hands before him, showing her he was unarmed. A wise thing to do considering.

Loralil darted her eyes about, spotted Harl kneeling to the side over her companions. She dashed over to them just as the big man gave the healer his hand to help her sit up. “Thank you for your help.” Karleen spoke softly and looked green around the gills as she rested a hand on her belly.

Loralil stopped her rush and dropped down onto one knee. She reached out and gripped the healer’s chin in her hand, turning the woman’s face toward her. Scanning the healer’s eyes, she nodded with relief before looking toward the still recumbent mage. “I’m all right, child. Just a bit nauseous from the drug.” When the Elf made to move toward the mage Karleen held up a hand to stop her. “He will be all right. I flushed the drugs out of him just a moment ago.”

When Loralil sank back onto her heels she noticed the various wounds she had sustained all clamoring for her attention. With a wince she closed her eyes for a moment. It had been a close one. If not for the two warriors Karleen and Levy would have been made slaves or killed outright. They had been cocky thinking that they could travel this place alone. No, she had been cocky. So sure that she could protect them and not caring if she, herself got injured in the process. Clenching her jaw, she started to breath heavily. A wave of mixed emotions was overwhelming her again. Anger and fear mixed with pain was making the world gray out again.

“Easy, little dove. Listen to my voice,” Jark soft in a soft and level voice at her side. “Breathe slowly, in and out, in and out.” He gestured for his brother to bring the kit they carried.


Now i have to go through and decide just what my group will encounter between the Forest of Calyn and the Spine mountains. While this story is not flowing as easy as others have, it is a good book and the tales needs to be told.